The best way to preserve fresh fish

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Recipe for preserving fresh fish

1 Eviscerated salt water immersion method: without washing and scaling, the fish's viscera can be hollowed out and soaked in 10% salt water, which can be stored for several days. We can design different fixtures according to different samples and experimental methods to prevent deterioration

2. Mustard preservation method: take an appropriate amount of mustard and apply it to the surface and inner cavity of the fish (opened), or evenly sprinkle it around the container containing the fish, and then put the fish and mustard in a closed container, which can be stored for 3 days without deterioration

3. Hot water treatment method: remove the viscera of the fresh fish, put it into the hot water (80-90 degrees) that will not be opened, and then fish it out after a short pause. At this time, the appearance of the fresh fish has turned white, and then store it on ice, which can be twice as long as the fresh fish without hot water treatment

4. Steam treatment: clean the fresh fish, cut them into shapes suitable for cooking, and put them into breathable plastic bags. The whole bag of fish can be kept fresh for 2-3 days after being sterilized in hot steam

5. Alcohol treatment: pry open the mouth of fresh fish, drop Baijiu into the mouth, and place it in a cool and ventilated place to prevent corruption and deterioration. Cut a few knife flowers on the cleaned fresh fish, and then pour an appropriate amount of beer into the fish meat and the inner cavity of the fish body. At the same time, it also has excellent damping and damping performance, which can be preserved before cooking. 1. Within the range of room temperature 10 ℃ (3) 5 ℃

6 Freezing method of live fish: put the fish directly into the refrigerator or freezer for freezing. The research was supported by the strategic leading science and technology project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (category B), the innovative group of "inorganic organic hybrid functional materials" of the National Science Foundation of China, the national fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, the youth program of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the general program of the natural science foundation of Fujian Province, and the outstanding youth program of the State Key Laboratory of Structural Chemistry (Gu Zhigang)

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