The best way to maintain car glass correctly

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Properly maintain car glass

glass is like the eyes of a car, which determines the safety of the car. If the glass cannot be maintained immediately, it will bring all kinds of troubles to car owners. Some car owners only care about maintaining some large parts during vehicle maintenance, but it is easy to ignore the glass in front of them. If the intentional car owners clean the glass, it will also bring vitality to their own road, with a broad and bright vision, and the mood of driving will be better

rational use of glass water

at present, there are many kinds of glass water sold in the domestic market, but they are mainly divided into three kinds: glass water for summer, antifreeze glass water in winter and special antifreeze glass water. Among them, the glass water used in summer is mainly used to remove the fly residues on the mirror; The antifreeze type glass water in winter is mainly to ensure that the auto parts will not be damaged by freezing when the temperature is low; Special antifreeze glass water is mainly used in the particularly cold areas in the north

in the usual glass maintenance process, we should choose the appropriate glass water according to the season and the specific weather conditions. When we find that the windshield glass surface is fuzzy, it will be much brighter to wash it with the appropriate glass water. The problem of random reflection of glass at night also improves the independent guarantee ability of special production equipment, which can be wiped with glass water. In addition, when running at high speed or with a lot of dust, the glass water will be used very quickly, and you should also pay attention to injecting new glass water immediately

vehicle film can't be ignored

in summer, a thin heat insulation film can play a big role, which can not only resist the hot sun, but also heat insulation and UV protection. Insiders pointed out that the heat insulation effect is one of the important reasons why consumers choose to apply the film. In addition, the light transmittance and UV protection index of the heat insulation film are all things that consumers must be concerned about, such as loose content. However, many consumers have many misunderstandings about the purchase of thermal insulation film

automobile thermal insulation film can be divided into front, rear and side windscreens. Among them, the windshield has the highest requirements for thermal insulation film. According to relevant regulations, the light transmittance of the front windshield must be greater than 70%, on the premise of not affecting driving safety

it is most taboo to stick dark thermal insulation film on the front windshield. In addition, when selecting the UV resistance index of the thermal insulation film, the higher refers to the better with the concrete, because it can protect the components of the central console and prevent premature aging by long-term exposure to the sun. In terms of the thermal insulation film of the side windshield, it is also on the premise that it does not affect the owner's observation of the rearview mirror. The optional thermal insulation film of the side windshield is more flexible, and the color is also more changeable. For example, some car owners like the heat insulation film with its performance greatly exceeding the type of fiber itself, which tends to be blue

in addition, the thermal insulation effect of the thermal insulation film is not directly related to the color depth, and the coating process in the thermal insulation film is the key factor to determine the thermal insulation effect. The higher the heat insulation rate, the stronger the reflection. Generally speaking, the heat insulation film with a heat insulation rate of 60% on the market is a good product. If the product claims to have a heat insulation rate of 80% or even 90%, consumers need to be more attentive

buy glass insurance for your car

glass separate breakage insurance, that is, a commercial insurance in which the insurance company is responsible for compensating for the loss of glass separate breakage of the car during the use of the insured vehicle. Broken glass means that only the windshield and window glass (excluding lamp and mirror glass) of the insured vehicle are damaged. In addition, if the owner insured at the rate of imported glass, the insurance company compensated at the price of imported glass. If the owner insured at the rate of domestic glass, the insurance company compensated at the price of domestic glass. Buy glass insurance for your car to reduce the loss caused by broken glass, and the owner can drive safely

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