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Valin Xingma actively participated in the 117th Canton Fair

the 117th Canton Fair was held in the Canton Fair exhibition hall today, and Valin heavy truck also actively participated in the exhibition. Compared with this year's Shanghai auto show, Valin Xingma, which appeared in the Canton Fair, can be described as a new way

as we all know, the Shanghai auto show is dominated by cars, and the commercial auto show stands are often deserted, and trucks are the wedding clothes of cars. To this end, Valin Xingma gave up the Shanghai auto show this year and made every effort to prepare for the Canton Fair. At this exhibition, Valin heavy truck, which represents the highest technology platform of today's heavy truck, mainly focuses on the concept of "high-end, dedicated and export", which has attracted great attention and interest from buyers at home and abroad, and there are an endless stream of buyers in front of the stage

Valin Xingma actively participated in the 117th Canton Fair

it is understood that this conference has very strict screening requirements for exhibitors. In addition to requiring enterprises to have a certain export performance, it also adds comprehensive indicators such as product quality and safety, environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation, intellectual property protection, society, credit system and so on as the evaluation criteria for exhibitors. Since the batch export of Valin heavy trucks to overseas markets, Actively implement the brand strategy of "products", our customers told us to optimize the product structure, change the mode of trade growth, enhance the awareness of transformation and upgrading, build independent brands and protect intellectual property rights, increase R & D investment, and improve the quality and safety of products and the number of famous brands, no more than (Nos.) Degree, focus on promoting the export of high-tech, high value-added and new energy vehicles, and strive to create a first-class brand effect of China's heavy truck by taking advantage of the transformation and upgrading opportunity of heavy truck technology. The author learned from the scene that the quotations of various models with independent intellectual property rights exhibited by Valin are higher than those of the same products, which ensures that enterprises can resist the adverse factors such as the rising cost of domestic labor and other production factors, the difficulty of enterprise financing, and the poor competition of low-end homogeneity, so as to avoid the phenomenon that heavy truck enterprises do not have high export profits and dare not accept long orders

due to the increasing popularity of the "CAMC" brand overseas, some foreign businessmen came here with admiration. A person in charge of an enterprise engaged in developing the East African automobile market said that he had previously acted as an agent for a heavy truck brand in China and gave up the agency right because the service could not keep up. This time, he chose Valin heavy truck. He said that although Valin is a young enterprise in China, Valin has a high technology platform, excellent quality of the car, and the price is quite competitive in the international market, which reduces the number of cars and horses on the road

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