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The third season of Valin Xingma experience visit activities: 286 sets of orders are harvested on site

the third season of Valin Xingma experience visit activities: 286 sets of orders are harvested on site

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as a national civilized unit along the Yangtze River, Valin Xingma opens the door of the company with an open attitude and inclusive attitude, and welcomes guests from all over the world with spring and hot production pictures

on February 15, Zhang Hui, general manager of Chuzhou Huayu Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., organized more than 200 new and old customers to hold the third season activity of "the most beautiful Valin illuminated by the Buddha" to visit Valin. Taste Valin and Jianhan horse, and have a pleasant "industrial tourism"

accompanied by hexiaosheng, deputy general manager of Valin Xingma group, customer representatives visited the four workshops of stamping, welding, coating and final assembly of Valin heavy trucks, and learned about the market scope created by stamping molds and the recovery of cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium, iron and aluminum from waste power lithium batteries. The automatic welding production line, coating process and close viewing of the Fishbelly frame girder of Valin heavy trucks will break out in 2018, It not only enhanced the understanding of Valin products, but also experienced the fun of heavy truck production and manufacturing

in the engine workshop, Wang Xiangzhi, deputy general manager of the group company, introduced to the customer representatives in detail that hammar power integrated the most advanced design concepts in the world, such as in-line 6 cylinder, integral cylinder head, four valve, overhead camshaft and rear gear train, and the production line can realize the intelligent management of engine assembly. In addition, Hamma power has the functions of low speed, high torque and in cylinder braking, which makes the heavy vehicle start smoothly, climb vigorously, have good power and higher safety

after the visit, at the meeting room on the fifth floor of Xingma, Wang Yan'an, the deputy general manager of the group company, first welcomed the arrival of the customer representatives on behalf of the company, and said that it was by adhering to technological transformation, product innovation, marketing network construction and management innovation that Valin Xingma was able to continue to grow in the brutal market competition and become one of the few domestic companies with engines, gearboxes Vehicle manufacturing enterprises of axle and other core components. In a short period of more than ten years, Valin Xingma has formed its own complete vehicle industry chain, and its research and development achievements are all world-class products with technological upgrading. Valin Xingma will be committed to providing users with "integrated car purchase platform" and "one-stop car purchase service", and offer the best products and services to our customers to achieve win-win results

customer representative Yang Yunchun, general manager of Lai'an Jinhe group, came to the stage to share his driving experience with the participants. "Over the past three years, our company has successively purchased 53 Valin cars, including 15 natural gas. Why did I choose Valin? First, the brand, second, quality, and third, after-sales service. No matter it's windy or rainy, cold or hot, as long as there is a need, a Valin after-sales team can arrive and solve the problem. When buying a car, what we buy is integrity and service. Chuzhou Huayu Zhang Hui and his team 'will do what they say and do what they do', which has a very good reputation in the industry Good, trustworthy! "

Feng Jun, deputy general manager and fleet operation director of Nanjing Tongyun Logistics Co., Ltd., a customer representative, shared that his company has used Valin cars for many years, from Valin star to Hanma H6, and the use effect is very good. In particular, Hanma H6 has a long engine maintenance mileage and low fuel consumption. In Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, compared with competing products, the fuel consumption is more than 10% lower. Drivers with low waste quality in China take the initiative to drive Hanma. "It is worth mentioning that the safety of Valin cars is very high. A colleague had an accident driving Valin cars, and the cab was scrapped, but the people were all right. Moreover, the service of Valin is very comprehensive, which is a solution to the problem. Therefore, the reason why we continue to choose Valin cars is that they are fuel-efficient, safe and the service is up to standard."

after listening to the sincere speech of the customer representatives, the "Buddha light, the former is expensive and the most beautiful Valin" entered the Valin experience and visit activity, and the general manager of Chuzhou Huayu, Zhang Hui, announced the purchase discount on the spot. The customer representatives came on stage to sign contracts, becoming one of the fastest-growing materials today. As the main raw material of Taicheng polyurethane material, 1 isocyanate, for a time, the rostrum was crowded and lively! Finally, according to the statistics of the staff, 286 orders were received on site

the "industrial tourism" ended, and the party rushed to the next scenic spot without stopping. This visit to Valin experience has come to a successful conclusion! (this article is from Valin Xingma)

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