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The development trend of Valin automobile is that lightweight Xingma successfully held lean production quality management training

Valin Xingma successfully held lean production quality management training

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Guide: on the morning of March 24, Valin Xingma launched a three-day Jingyi production quality management training. More than 100 employees from grassroots departments and units of the group participated in the training. Liu Hanru, chairman of the group company, attended and made an important speech. He emphasized that the company carried out lean production quality management training

On the morning of March 24, according to the company's introduction, lingxingma launched a three-day lean production quality management training. At the end of the fourth quarter of the group, more than 100 employees from grassroots departments and units of the company participated in the training

liuhanru, chairman of the group company, attended and made an important speech. He emphasized the importance of the company's lean production quality management training and put forward specific requirements for the employees participating in the training. "Only quality, there is a brand; only brand, there is benefit. 2014 is the quality benefit year of the group company. All departments and units should firmly establish the concept of quality management, have a sense of mission and crisis, take the world's advanced enterprises as the goal, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, adhere to quality to revitalize the enterprise, quickly improve the influence and competitiveness of the enterprise, and make the enterprise bigger and stronger." Chairman Liu said, "Quality management is always on the way, and there is only a starting point but no end point. Although the company has made some achievements in quality management at present, the honor belongs to the past. Quality work is the need of survival and development. We should clearly see that the group company is still on the brink of danger in the development process. 50000 units are the lifeline of Valin Xingma automobile, and 100000 units are the safety line. To survive the dangerous period, we must rely on products Quality, improve product quality, so that our products are irreplaceable and cannot be copied in the heavy truck market. "

"Product quality must be improved. In terms of lean production, we have done a lot of work in recent years, especially in promoting the production BOM platform built in the company's information construction work. Single delivery makes product quality more guaranteed. Not only that, all employees of the company also need to comprehensively publicize the quality culture, improve quality awareness, and always bear in mind that quality is the root of products and innovation is the soul of enterprises. Enterprise development requires more than technology Innovation also requires quality innovation. In the future, the company should continue to increase quality innovation, strengthen quality training and publicity, actively promote the key work of quality management, make quality become the driving force to promote the development of the enterprise, and cross the lifeline of the company and reach the safety line! "

Liu Zhi, a lean production training expert, was invited to give lectures in this training. Combined with the examples of quality management of famous enterprises at home and abroad and the actual needs of quality management of the group company, aiming at the "bottleneck" problem in the process of workshop site management, we found the breakthrough point, took the "5S" field management as the basis for the implementation of lean production, and started from reducing and eliminating time waste, human waste, cost waste, space waste, etc, Pay close attention to the deployment and unification of "human, machine, material, method, environment and information communication", so as to achieve an organic combination of the jaw splints of the screen display hydraulic universal experimental machine. During the learning process, the students also thought carefully in combination with the actual work, and communicated with quality training experts to discuss some problems in total quality management. (

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