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On August 30, Shantou was in the scorching sun. However, such weather could not stop local customers from seeing the enthusiasm of Hanma for different materials, different fixtures and new products of xingkaima series. On the same day at CITIC Resort Hotel, more than 400 users from the surrounding areas of Shantou jointly felt the advanced technology and technology of the new products of Hanma and xingkaima series

Shantou, known as the "gateway to the east of the five ridges and the hub of South China", is one of the earliest open special economic zones in China and one of the key markets for Valin starhorse products. Xia Hong, marketing director of Valin Xingma, said at the symposium that Shantou has many old customers of Valin Xingma, some of whom have cooperated for more than a decade. In the rapid development process of Valin Xingma, our customers in Shantou have given us great support, which has achieved the strong position of Valin Xingma in Shantou market. Xia Hong also highlighted the products of Hanma engine. He said that in order to repay the support and love of customers in Shantou, today we have brought the latest products representing the highest technical level in the domestic heavy truck field and the future development trend and direction of the domestic heavy truck market, including fuel-efficient high-end high-power engines, lightweight heavy truck products and LNG heavy truck products. What needs to be specially pointed out here is our Hanma power engine, which is a high-end high-power engine jointly built by our joint international test spring with a maximum of 10 sections. It integrates the most advanced high-power engine technology in the world. It is energy-saving, environmental friendly and powerful in the cooperation with Chery automobile. This engine has been sold in markets all over the country. From the feedback of customers, it fully meets the requirements of all kinds of use environment. The advantages of low-speed and high torque, in cylinder braking and fuel saving are very prominent, with stable quality and high reliability. It is deeply loved by customers. It can be said that Hamma power is a very successful high-end high-power engine

the new products of Valin Xingma tour Shantou station triggered a boom

at the symposium, Ms. Ji Hong, the administrative manager of Guangdong Yu'an Logistics Co., Ltd., on behalf of old users, and Chen chuntong, the person in charge of Shantou Tuopu sandstone factory, shared their experience of using Valin Xingma products

Ji Hong said in his speech that our company met Valin Xingma in 2007 and is an old customer of Valin Xingma. The company has more than 100 Valin heavy trucks, including 6 × 4 traction, 4 × 2 traction and 6 × 2 van and other models are mainly used for domestic long-distance and provincial short-distance transportation. The main reason for choosing Valin is that the quality of Valin automobile is reliable, and the vehicle economy and safety have always been ahead of other brands. At the beginning of buying a car, the company also tried several brands of cars. After comprehensive comparison, it was found that Valin had the least fuel consumption and the most economical, and the financing scheme provided by Valin was also very suitable

Chen chuntong focused on sharing the economic benefits of Valin cars. He said that the company currently has more than 30 Valin models of various types, which are mainly used to transport sand, stone and coal. With the country's stricter control over surpassing, Shantou has also increased its investigation and punishment, and users basically dare not overload. When I learned that Valin launched lightweight models, I bought 14 sets at one time with my trust in Valin Xingma brand. The weight of the whole vehicle is several tons lighter than that of the previous vehicles. Each trip from Shantou to Meizhou saves at least 20 liters of oil, and the economic benefit is very considerable. It can be said that the excellent quality of Valin makes me believe in the brand of Valin Xingma more

in addition, the engineers of Valin Xingma technology center also made wonderful introductions to the customer representatives attending the meeting on the correct use of the ring stiffness testing machine and the new products of the equipment's ordinary protection series, such as Hanma power, axle and so on. After the meeting, customer representatives came to the exhibition hall to learn more about the new products. Many customers boarded the cab to experience the new models

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