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Valin Xingma tour Jiangxi Hanma power Nanchang is popular

Valin Xingma tour Jiangxi Hanma power Nanchang is popular

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Guide: Recently, the National Tour team of Valin Xingma Hanma power, lightweight, natural gas series models arrived in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, and nearly 400 customer representatives of Valin heavy trucks in Nanchang and surrounding areas gathered at the park Zhongyuan hotel, Come to visit and tour new products and participate in customer seminars. Nanchang is the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River

recently, the National Tour team of Valin Xingma Hanma power, lightweight and natural gas series models arrived in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. Nearly 400 customer representatives of Valin heavy trucks in Nanchang and surrounding areas gathered at yuanzhongyuan hotel to visit the new products in the tour and participate in customer seminars

Nanchang is the common hinterland of the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the economically developed areas in Southeast Fujian. Its geographical location is extremely superior. It is located at the central node of the economically developed areas in coastal Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong and the inland areas in the central and western regions. It is China's famous comprehensive transportation hub, an important manufacturing base in the central region, a base for the transfer and docking of large industries and headquarters outside the province, and a very important heavy truck market in China, The development of Nanchang market has been highly valued by Valin Xingma company. At the symposium, Xia Hong, deputy general manager of Valin, mainly introduced engine products, He said: "In the rapid development process of Valin Xingma, the majority of customers in Nanchang have given us great support and achieved Valin Xingma's strong position in the Nanchang market as a key technology affecting reliability. Therefore, in order to repay the support and love of the majority of customers in Nanchang, today we have brought the latest products representing the highest technical level in the domestic heavy truck field and the development trend and direction of the domestic heavy truck market in the future, including fuel saving Efficient high-end high-power engine, high torque gearbox, lightweight heavy truck products and LNG heavy truck products. In particular, Hanma power engine is a high-end high-power engine jointly built by us and international top research and development institutions. It integrates the most advanced high-power engine technology in the world today, which is energy-saving, environmental friendly and powerful. Hanma power has two outstanding performances: first, Hanma power cylinder braking technology. There are mountains in the East, West and south of Jiangxi Province, which is close to Huangshan area in Anhui Province. Drivers cannot avoid climbing mountains and slopes when running transportation. The in cylinder braking technology of Hanma power is enough to ensure the safety of downhill braking. This performance not only removes the water tank 12 The modification of the overload emergency stop device greatly reduces the wear of tires and also benefits users nearly 50000 yuan a year. In addition, the in cylinder braking does not burn oil when going downhill, which is equivalent to a principle of compressor compressed air, which not only brings safety to everyone, but also brings the effect of oil saving; Second, the reliability and long service life of Hanma power, with B10 reaching 1million kilometers, can be comparable to European cars. This engine has been used in markets all over the country. From the feedback of use, it fully meets the requirements of all kinds of use environment, has stable quality and high reliability, and is deeply loved by customers. It is a very successful high-end high-power engine. "

experimental instruments: Du Hui, the general manager of Zhangshu Changlong automobile transportation service Co., Ltd., who is in direct proportion to the deformation and stress, and Luo Zhigang, the user of Nanchang Hanma power, spoke on behalf of Jiangxi Hanma power customers. In their speeches, they both said that the Valin dump truck equipped with Hanma power has strong power, comfortable driving and riding, and can save nearly 100 yuan in fuel costs in a day. Valin car makes them worry free and more at ease

at the parking lot of Zhongyuan hotel in Nanchang Park, ten new vehicle products were displayed in line, especially the two red Hamma power engines, which became the focus of attention of the customer representatives attending the meeting. Before the meeting began, many customers went to visit and asked for information from the staff. After the meeting, the two engines were immediately surrounded, some took photos, and some asked the on-site technicians for further information about the product characteristics

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