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Valin Xingma: innovation creates strong power to build its own brand

Valin Xingma: innovation creates strong power to build its own brand

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Guide: in recent years, the tide of joint ventures in the heavy vehicle industry has surged, and domestic enterprises have invested in multinational companies. Not only vehicle enterprises have joint ventures, but also the new trend of joint ventures between engine and other core parts enterprises has emerged. Dongfeng, Volvo Hongyan and Iveco, Foton and Benz, JAC and navista

in recent years, the tide of joint ventures in the heavy vehicle industry has surged, and domestic enterprises have invested in the arms of multinational companies. Not only vehicle enterprises have joint ventures, but also there is a new trend of joint ventures among core parts enterprises such as engines. Dongfeng and Volvo, Hongyan and Iveco, Foton and Benz, JAC and navista... China's heavy vehicle industry is facing the trend of comprehensive joint ventures

in the face of a strong wave of joint ventures, Valin Xingma (10.16, -0.13, -1.26%) automobile (Group) Co., Ltd., which takes adhering to independent innovation and developing national brands as its own responsibility, adheres to the bottom line of independent brands, continuously increases independent R & D investment, and launches an impact on the core automotive technology and new energy technology, especially the launch of its engine with completely independent intellectual property rights - "Hanma power", which solves the problems of domestic high-power The regret of the lack of energy-saving and environment-friendly high-performance engines has installed its own "heart" for the national high-end heavy trucks

build a strong independent brand

on November 27, 2012, at the 6th China International Construction machinery, construction machinery, construction vehicles and Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as "BMW Exhibition"), hundreds of construction machinery and parts manufacturers from all over the world exhibited their latest products and technologies. As a Valin Xingma exhibitor for four consecutive times, the new product launch of "Hanma power" high-power engine was grandly held at this Expo, and its heavy-duty engine was officially released for the first time, and was put on the market after the Spring Festival in 2013

according to Xia Shenming, deputy director of the general scheduling department of Valin Xingma Ma Ma'anshan Kaima auto parts Service Co., Ltd., as of the end of May this year, more than 300 "Hanma power" engines have been put on the market at an additional cost when checking out. The assembly models include logistics vehicles, mixer vehicles, dump trucks and other Valin heavy trucks and Xingma special vehicles, and all mainstream vehicle products in the market, including Chongqing, Shanghai, Hangzhou Various operating conditions and environments in mainstream markets such as Ningxia, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. At the same time, orders for more than 400 units are under intense scheduling and will soon be sent to the market

it is easy to build a complete vehicle, but difficult to build an engine. In recent years, new enterprises manufacturing heavy trucks in China have emerged in endlessly, but none of them dare to build both complete vehicles and engines. Facing the reality, most enterprises have begun to buy, or joint venture, or joint venture, but the sales volume is not optimistic

the appearance of "Hanma power" high-power engine gives new incentives to the industry

the research and development of Valin Xingma engine began in 2007. After preliminary research, finalization, design, prototype development and testing, so far, the development of cm6d18 and cm6d28 series engines has been completed. The engine adopts international advanced design concepts such as in-line 6-cylinder, integral cylinder head, four valve, overhead camshaft and rear gear train, and adopts Bosch's high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, with power ranging from 199kw (270 HP) to 353kw (480 HP), displacement of 9.8 liters and 11.8 liters, emissions meeting the fourth and fifth national standards, has the potential to upgrade to the Euro 6 emission level, and has the characteristics of energy conservation, environmental protection and high power, It can meet the needs of Expressway logistics transportation vehicles, engineering transportation vehicles and special vehicles to the greatest extent, and can also be applied to long-distance buses, engineering machinery and generator sets

the engine has completely independent intellectual property rights. At present, 28 invention patents and 34 appearance and utility model patents are being applied for in the first phase, filling the gap in Anhui Province in the independent research and development of energy-saving and environmental protection high-power powertrain

since its inception, the Hanma power engine has passed the test of the national testing center and the provincial technical appraisal organized by the science and Technology Department of Anhui Province. At present, it is applying for the provincial scientific and technological progress award and is preparing to apply for the national scientific and technological progress award

on December 29, 2012, at the provincial technical appraisal meeting specially organized for Hanma power, the appraisal committee composed of 8 experts including suwanhua, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, spoke highly of Hanma power engine. They believe that the "cofusion" project produced by June 2016 shows that the product has the following main characteristics: the integral cylinder head with double-layer water jacket improves the rigidity of the whole machine; The cylinder head adopts the top-down cooling water flow direction, which reduces the heat load in the nose bridge area; The cylinder block adopts a gantry symmetrical mid cavity structure, which improves the rigidity of the body and reduces the weight of the whole machine. They said that the technical level of the product has reached the international advanced level, which can promote the technological progress of the industry

liuhanru, chairman of Valin Xingma said, "We started from the production of special vehicles. In 2002, we began to negotiate heavy truck projects with Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan, and the enterprise was listed in 2003. Over the past 20 years, we have always adhered to the road of independent innovation, and have experienced three major development stages, from building materials and machinery manufacturing to special vehicle manufacturing, from special vehicle manufacturing to heavy vehicle manufacturing, and now from heavy vehicle manufacturing to core vehicle parts manufacturing Manufacturing stage. " It is Liu Hanru's belief that we must be the world's leading and the best engine in China. "Mastering the engine manufacturing technology marks that we have mastered all the technologies of heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing, including powertrain, body, frame, axle, etc., and become one of the few enterprises in China that master all the technologies of heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing."

since 2013, Valin Xingma has made the promotion of "Hanma power" the top priority of its marketing work this year. At the beginning of this year, it formulated a plan to put more than 2000 engines in the country. At present, all work is being carried out in an orderly manner

adhere to innovation, improve quality and upgrade

Valin Xingma, which has always paid attention to independent innovation, has built its own laboratory, introduced simulation and analysis software, established a three-dimensional digital simulation database, and expanded its own R & D team in the process of developing the engine

liuhanru said, "before we made the engine, there was a saying that making the engine was' burning money ', at that time we didn't understand why' burning money '. Now we understand that in order to do the test, we spent only in the laboratory to do the bench test, and the diesel we burned each month was up to 3million yuan, about 40million yuan a year."

mayongbing, the person in charge of road test of "Hanma power", introduced that since 2011, Hanma power engine has carried out "three high" calibration tests of high temperature, plateau and high cold every year. In the past three years, the team led by him, consisting of electrical control, design, application engineers, test technicians, professional test drivers, etc., has completed the calibration test of the new model of "Hanma power" and the collection of various test data after more than 1000 days and nights of perseverance and hard work, which has laid a solid technical foundation for the "Hanma power" to be put into the market and stored complete test data at the same time

the purpose of the "three high" calibration test is to detect the operation state of the new engine in extreme environments, so as to ensure that the engine can start normally, drive normally and have strong power in any harsh environment

"Hanma power" selected the Kunlun mountains under the jurisdiction of Golmud City on the Qinghai Tibet plateau for plateau calibration test. The highest altitude was 4767 meters. Although they were ready to go to the plateau, many team members still had altitude reaction of chest tightness and shortness of breath

in July every year, the test team will set out from Ma'anshan, Anhui Province to the first stop of the test - Flaming Mountain in Turpan Basin, Xinjiang. Here, they will carry out the high temperature calibration test of "Hanma power" engine. "It took us about 5 days to reach our destination by a long journey of nearly 4000 kilometers." The highest average temperature in August in Turpan is above 42 ℃, and the highest temperature can reach 48 ℃. The air is dry, which is worse than the humid and hot environment, and the surface temperature is 60 ℃ ~75 ℃. During the test, some working conditions do not allow the test vehicle to turn on the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is turned off, the interior of the vehicle becomes a veritable "stove"

"after repeated tests in high temperature environment, the handling, power and overheat protection functions of the whole vehicle have basically reached the optimal state. The cooling system and key engine parts of various models have also been fully verified in high temperature environment, which provides a lot of test basis for future design work." Ma Yongbing said

in addition to going through the test of high temperature, the team members also have to challenge the cold weather. The lowest temperature in Heihe is minus 45 ℃ -50 ℃. It is not easy to drive the test vehicle to Heihe safely and on time. Every time the winter test team goes to Heihe or Inner Mongolia, there will be traffic jams caused by the overturning of other vehicles on the road. It is common for cars to be blocked on the road without reaching the village in front of them and the shop behind them

in order to make the test of "Hanma power" more appropriate to the actual environment used by users, Valin Xingma spared no effort in human, material and financial resources to organize more than 30 test wheel classes to drive in Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and other places all year round. In order to get the first-hand data of the test before the engine is sold to users, and to verify that "Hanma power" can "eat" coarse and fine grains. With the joint efforts of all of you, the whole vehicle equipped with "Hanma power" engine has not experienced major failures after more than 3 million kilometers of driving test, which has made early preparations for the large-scale introduction of Hanma power engine to the market, and has also accumulated rich experience in vehicle operation and maintenance

in order to achieve the best experimental results, this young team is like a group of "anti migratory birds", moving against the seasonal law, from south to north, and from north to south. In the hot summer, they stepped into the Turpan Basin and climbed the Qinghai Tibet Plateau; In cold winter and December, they went deep into the northern Xinjiang of ice and snow to capture the harvest of life and work in the extreme environment

"'real gold is not afraid of fire '. It is in these extremely harsh environments that we have completed the' three high 'calibration test of' Hanma power ', which has laid a solid foundation for Hanma power engine to march into extreme environmental areas. After the' three high 'calibration, users can safely drive all over the country, and even in various extreme environments,' Hanma power 'engine can work normally. This is a negative to customers Responsibility is also responsible for yourself. " Ma Yongbing said

for Valin Xingma automobile group, the success of the integrated robot and mold engine not only improves its core competitiveness, but also is closely related to the national initiative to accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading and give play to the driving role of independent innovation in structural adjustment. As Liu Hanru said, industrial upgrading must rely on technological progress, which is based on independent innovation

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