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Hualing Xingma leixiang battle drum Hanma power entered Changsha

Hualing Xingma leixiang battle drum Hanma power entered Changsha

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Guide: on November 11, the Tour team of Hualing Xingma Hanma power, lightweight, natural gas series models arrived in Changsha, the famous city of Chu and Han. Although it was the first time for Hanma power to enter Changsha, it was unexpectedly popular with Hunan customers, attracting more than 500 Valin Xingma customers in Hunan to gather in Changsha Mingcheng

on November 11, the Valin Xingma Hanma power, lightweight and natural gas series model Tour team arrived in Changsha, the "famous city of Chu and Han". Although it was the first time for Hanma power to enter Changsha, it was unexpectedly popular with Hunan customers, attracting more than 500 Valin Xingma customers in Hunan to gather at Changsha Mingcheng international hotel to participate in the "national tour exhibition and user Symposium of Valin Xingma power, lightweight and natural gas heavy trucks" to listen to the introduction of new products and share their driving experience

Changsha is an important industrial town and economic pioneer in Central China, and an important transportation and shipping center in central and southern China. With the construction and implementation of the integration of "Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan", Hunan has become increasingly prominent in the entire economic development landscape of China, which has also brought rare development opportunities to the heavy truck industry and become a must for heavy truck enterprises. "In order to seize such a strategic place, Valin Xingma established a production base in Hengyang, Hunan Province ten years ago and planned it as one of the three major production bases." Liuhanru, chairman of Valin Xingma, said frankly

in the view of Liu Hanru, who has "Hunan plot", Hunan is the key market of Valin Xingma. At the meeting, he focused on introducing the independent engine of Valin Xingma - Hanma power, He said: "As we all know, the engine is the heart of the car, and the performance of the engine determines the quality and performance of the whole car. In order to make up for the regret that there is no self-made 'heart', and to provide users with more powerful, stable and reliable heavy truck products, Valin Xingma launched the engine project in 2007. After five years of hardships, its high-end engine was grandly launched in 2012, and has been promoted nationwide since this year 。 After more than half a year of market verification in more than ten typical regions across the country, this engine product has received a good response. Many customers have reported that hammar power's unique in cylinder braking technology and low-speed high torque have brought them more fuel-efficient, safer and more reliable. What are the performance characteristics and operating environment of the gas spring performance testing machine? Let's analyze the value of one by one. This time, we are also prepared. Our benchmark is the quality of Europe and the price of China. We believe that Valin Xingma and the majority of customers in Hunan will cooperate successfully. "

it can be placed or received by using the two-way call function. Chairman Liu Hanru finally said, "one stone arouses a thousand waves". Just as Valin heavy truck has promoted the technological progress of the industry, Hanma power will also promote the technological development and progress of heavy truck power system. We also promise Hunan users that we will always be ready to provide excellent and free lifetime maintenance services in the future, make common progress with the majority of Valin Xingma customers, accumulate strength, and realize the great rejuvenation approved and implemented by the State Bureau of quality and technical supervision of the people's Republic of China (3)

at this symposium, a grand customer delivery ceremony was also carefully prepared. In the warm applause, Liu Hanru handed over the "golden key" to Mr. Cao Jun of Hengyang Huayun Transportation Service Co., Ltd. and Mr. Xiao Mao, general manager of Hunan Baoda Logistics Co., Ltd

after the symposium, the customer representatives attending the meeting rushed to the exhibition area to see the style of hammar power, gearbox, lightweight and natural gas series heavy trucks. The accompanying technical experts answered the questions raised by many customer representatives on the spot, and many customers showed strong interest in buying

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