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Valin steel raised 4.2 billion yuan to transform "Internet + steel"

Valin steel raised 4.2 billion yuan to transform "Internet + steel"

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Valin steel announced today that the company plans to issue no more than 927 million shares at a price of 4.53 yuan/share, raising 4.2 billion yuan to invest in "Internet + steel" industrial chain transformation and upgrading projects, the development of special steel and other key projects. According to the preliminary calculation of the company, the new project will bring about 900million yuan of new profits to Valin steel every year. Trading in the company's shares resumed today

in this non-public offering, the company's controlling shareholder Valin Group promised to subscribe for a share of no less than 10%

business model reconstruction

previously, Cao Huiquan, chairman of Valin steel, proposed a business model of "interconnection + heavy assets" and planned to carry out a new transformation of heavy asset industries such as steel. The "Internet + steel" industrial chain transformation and upgrading project, which is the focus of this fixed increase, is the specific implementation and promotion of the above business model

according to the announcement, the total investment of the project is planned to be 1.55 billion yuan, and the raised funds will be 1.135 billion yuan, which will be specifically used to improve and build e-commerce platforms, customized services + big data platforms, and supply chain finance platforms

according to the company's plan, Valin Steel's "interconnection + steel" mode is a 1.51 channel servo electromechanical digital drive signal. With interconnection and big data as the technical means, supply chain finance as the breakthrough, and customized service capabilities and logistics processing and distribution capabilities as the support, it provides customers with integrated services integrating transactions, settlement, logistics services, financial services, and customized services, which can be said to be a winning treasure in the automotive field today, Finally, a new business model will be formed to realize the transformation from steel manufacturers to steel service providers with high data accuracy

from the analysis of the plan, the company's "Internet + steel" transformation project focuses on supply chain finance, with an investment of up to 1.3 billion yuan, of which 885 million yuan was raised

in terms of industry characteristics, the steel industry chain is large-scale and capital intensive. At the same time, as a bulk commodity, steel has the characteristics of high standardization, which is particularly suitable for supply chain finance. At the same time, upstream and downstream enterprises have urgent needs for supporting financing services

by increasing the development of supply chain financial services, the company will build financial service platforms such as third-party payment, chattel pledge, factoring, guarantee and small loan, provide financial services for upstream and downstream customers and related parties, and improve the profitability of the company

the commercial factoring companies, chattel pledge service companies and financing guarantee companies in this raised investment project have invested a total of 900million yuan. After the completion of the project, it is expected to achieve a net profit of 150million yuan after tax

the company believes that compared with similar enterprises, Valin Steel's transformation to "Internet +" has the advantage of rapid landing: the company has an annual steel production capacity of 18million tons, and the current annual steel sales volume is about 15million tons. It has a large number of customer resources, which is conducive to ensuring the number of transactions on the Internet platform in the future

expand energy conservation and environmental protection

the announcement shows that Valin steel will invest 1.16 billion yuan to acquire energy-saving and environmental protection assets such as waste heat, pressure and gas recovery and power generation under the controlling shareholder Valin Group. At the same time, it is planned to invest 950million yuan to build two sets of 135MW ultra-high pressure and high temperature gas efficient power generation equipment. After the completion of the above two businesses, the annual self generating capacity of Valin Group will be close to 7.5 billion kwh, and the self generating proportion will exceed 88%

it is reported that in 2014, the annual spontaneous electricity consumption of Valin Group has exceeded 5.1 billion kwh, and the proportion of self generated electricity has reached more than 60%, far exceeding the industry average of 48%, equivalent to saving 2.04 million tons of standard coal consumption and reducing 1.38 million tons of carbon emissions. In 2015, the annual self generation target of Valin Group is that the self generation capacity will exceed 6billion kwh, and the self generation proportion will exceed 70%

the announcement said that after the acquisition of energy conservation and environmental protection and the completion of new projects, it will add about 500million yuan to the profits of listed companies every year; At the same time, the related party transactions between Valin steel and its parent company Valin Group will also be significantly reduced by more than 2.3 billion yuan

in addition, in order to connect the national strategies of "made in China 2025", "the Belt and Road", "maritime power", Valin Iron and steel will launch two projects, namely, the technical transformation of 5m wide and thick plate variety upgrading and the technical transformation of high-quality special alloy steel wire rod production line

the total investment of the proposed 5m wide and thick plate variety upgrading and technological transformation project is 89.1 million yuan, which will drive the rapid increase of the market share of high-end wide and thick plate products of Valin Xianggang, and expand the steel market of military industry, marine engineering, nuclear power, petrochemical storage tanks, etc; The total investment of the technical transformation project of high-quality special alloy steel wire rod production line is 440million yuan. After being put into operation, the main products include high-quality carbon steel, alloy structural steel, gear steel, bearing steel, bonded tube blank, non quenched and tempered steel, etc

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