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After ten years of construction, Huanggang Chenming was finally put into production

Chenming Paper announced that the project with a total investment of nearly 30billion - Huanggang Chenming pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 300000 tons of chemical wood pulp project has been put into operation on November 13, 2018. It has been 11 years since huanggangchen's more beautiful dafangming project was signed in 2007. In order to meet the requirements of the ecological environment construction of the Yangtze River economic belt, the project has been demonstrated and adjusted for many times, and finally put into operation at the end of 2018. It is not easy

it is reported that the project meets the requirements of emerging industries, and environmental protection treatment and cleaner production have reached the international advanced level. The production of this project can further improve the self-sufficiency rate of the company's wood pulp, effectively alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of wood pulp, reduce production costs, broaden the industrial chain, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the company's product market, increase the company's benefits, improve the company's overall profitability and anti risk ability, and provide strong support and guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of the company

at the beginning of this month, Chenming paper also announced that in order to reduce the overall debt level of the company, it plans to introduce third-party investment into its subsidiaries such as Zhanjiang Chenming, Huanggang Chenming, Shouguang Meilun, Jiangxi Chenming, Chenming finance leasing, etc. in addition to comprehensive analysis of the composite market, the total capital increase is expected to be 3-10 billion. After the capital increase, the company will still have substantial control over the above subsidiaries through the articles of association and the capital increase agreement. Huanggang Chenming is now put into production, which also helps the company find suitable investors

In December 2007, Huanggang City signed a contract with Shandong Chenming paper industry to build a 3.25 million mu forest land and 1.298 million tons of paper base in Huanggang according to the then more advanced "artificial afforestation + paper" mode, with a total investment of more than 20 billion. Among them, the production base is located near the Yangtze River in Huangzhou District, with a land area of more than 5000 mu

due to its huge scale, it takes a long time for approval, demolition, afforestation, etc. By 2012, the EIA of phase I project was approved, and Huanggang's task of afforestation of 3.25 million mu in 76 towns and townships in 8 counties and cities was basically completed

in March 2015, according to market changes and enterprise transformation needs, Chenming paper decided to increase 500000 tons of viscose production in Huanggang project, and applied for environmental assessment and various approvals

in March 2016, according to the requirements of the great protection of the Yangtze River, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government decided to suspend the Huanggang Chenming project and re evaluate it. The provincial development and Reform Commission invited experts from all over the country to form three evaluation teams. After more than three months of evaluation, it was believed that the Huanggang Chenming project was in line with the national paper industry policy, and the emissions also reached the standard. After further optimization of the scheme, it could resume work

however, facing the new concept of ecological priority and green development, Chenming and Huanggang completely calmed down this time. After repeated weighing, they decided to make disruptive adjustments to the scheme and take four measures to make the project meet the strictest environmental protection requirements

cut paper. Papermaking was completely abolished, and the annual discharge of 18000 tons of wastewater was reduced to zero. The project was changed to the production of biomass fiber viscose, and then the viscose was used for spinning. The further decline in the price of raw ore weakened the advantage of domestic mines to produce non-woven fabrics

retreat from the forest. The 3.25 million mu of forest land that has been built will be returned to Huanggang city without cutting down a tree in the old area, and the production raw materials are mainly imported wood chips

partition. The project is divided into North and South districts, and the production of viscose and supporting chemicals with higher environmental protection requirements, that is, the use of inorganic substances to enhance degradable polymers, is transferred to Huanggang Chemical Park 22 kilometers away from the Yangtze River. The existing south district only constructs low emission pulping, non-woven fabrics, wharfs and other projects

bid raising. Raise the sewage treatment standard to the highest A1 level in the country

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