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Tencent cloud has gradually become the preferred brand of cloud computing services for Internet entrepreneurs. Recently, it is understood that in just three months, Tencent cloud's 100 venture capital support program has attracted more than 50 well-known venture capital institutions at home and abroad to join. So far, more than 100 projects have received cloud resource support of half a year free and one-year star discount. According to reports, venture capital institutions, including Sequoia Capital, IDG capital, Shenzhen Venture Capital, Aurora Borealis venture capital recently, Innovation workshop, Dexun investment, pre angel, and others, have recommended projects to Tencent cloud that span more than 20 fields, including games, mobile applications, e-commerce, video, software services, o2o, and many others, including don't step on white bricks, ask you out, micro photography, WiFi partners, picoic, sleep, interactive bar, blue ocean smart Star entrepreneurial projects or enterprises such as digital technology. With the convergence of many well-known venture capital institutions and star projects, Tencent cloud has gradually become the preferred brand of cloud computing services for Internet entrepreneurs

it is reported that the hundred venture capital support plan is part of a series of support plans launched by Tencent cloud for entrepreneurs, mainly for early entrepreneurs. Tencent cloud, together with well-known venture capital institutions at home and abroad, provides free cloud resource support for potential entrepreneurial projects. All venture capital institutions that join the venture capital support plan, as long as the recommended enterprises meet the screening criteria, will have the opportunity to obtain the support of cloud resources with half a year free and one-year star discount, including cloud server, cloud database, NoSQL high-speed storage, elastic web engine, etc

as we all know, the difficulties faced by enterprises in the initial stage of entrepreneurship mainly come from two aspects, namely, the lack of capital and backward technology. Industry insiders commented that the combination of venture capital institutions and Tencent cloud has just two pronged approach, greatly improving the ability of enterprises to deal with capital and technical problems, which can be described as the timely rain of entrepreneurial teams

with the support of 100 venture capital support programs, on the one hand, the cost pressure of entrepreneurial teams can be reduced, on the other hand, Tencent cloud's one-stop cloud service solves cumbersome system operation and maintenance problems for them, so that they can focus on product innovation and operation, and accelerate the road to success

choosing the right and reliable platform is very important for small start-up teams. Once strong third-party support is selected, twice the result with half the effort can be achieved. Chen Hongzhen, the founder of mobile game masterpiece don't step on white bricks, said in summarizing his entrepreneurial experience that Tencent cloud is one of the reliable platforms

recently, you have received about 10 million yuan of investment from Xiangjiang venture capital, and you have also received free resource support from Tencent cloud. Wang Qiheng, the parent company and chairman of lingtuan technology, said that without the support of Tencent cloud, our pace will slow down a lot

hexiaoyang, founder of blue ocean smart, a leader in China's application performance management software field, said that Tencent cloud has helped build China's first-class saasapm platform, so that they can help develop more pilot projects. The construction will help enhance the demand for products that meet climate conditions and traffic loads, and solve application performance problems at zero cost; Aleiye said that Tencent cloud helped solve the unnecessary waste of resources caused by the uncertainty of market scale in the early stage of enterprise R & D, and reduced the company's investment in security

the data shows that the registered users of Tencent cloud soared from 700000 to 900000, and the daily PV has reached 100000, after the designers who are committed to incubating brands and trend e-commerce use Tencent cloud services; After using Tencent cloud, the active users of micro video social application microphoto have increased rapidly from 200000 to 300000, and the playback volume has increased from 4million to 6million

we are delighted to see so many partners growing rapidly with the help of cloud computing. The relevant person in charge of Tencent cloud said that the original intention of the 100 venture capital support plan is to bring together many domestic venture capital institutions to support start-ups or projects, and work together with them to build a virtuous cycle and mutually successful Internet entrepreneurial ecosystem

it is reported that in addition to the 100 venture capital support plans, Tencent cloud's entrepreneurship support plan also includes an incubation and growth plan for medium-term entrepreneurs, which provides entrepreneurs with entrepreneurship guidance and entrepreneurship training through cooperation with 36kr, I dark horse and other institutions; As well as the billion yuan support fund for mature entrepreneurs in the experimental process, a single enterprise can get up to 1million worth of free resource support

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