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Tencent cloud microenterprise full duplex voice interaction technology helps the upgrading of vehicle voice assistant

the R & D and application of artificial intelligence have entered a stage of rapid development. Among them, intelligent voice technology is one of the fields that can not reach the new national standard. AI voice interaction has become an important channel of human-computer interaction. In the field of travel, the on-board first pressure testing machine equipped with full duplex voice interaction technology is equipped with an uneven voice assistant, which will also bring another upgrade of the human-computer interaction experience in the car

at the 2019 Chongqing smart Expo held recently, Tencent cloud microenterprises and Tencent car service showed full duplex voice interaction technology, so visitors can experience a more natural and smooth voice assistant service in the car. As long as you wake up once, you can have a continuous conversation with the machine. Facing the daily needs in the driving scene, such as playing music, navigation, checking stocks, checking weather, etc., users can continuously ask and answer questions through voice commands. In the field experience, the accuracy, fluency and reaction speed of human-computer dialogue show that human-computer interaction is upgrading to a more natural and closer to human-computer interaction

as an important breakthrough in voice interaction technology in vehicle scene, Tencent cloud microenterprise full duplex voice interaction technology realizes the interactive service after one-time wake-up and continuous dialogue. The user can set the standby time of the voice assistant by himself. Within the time range of 30 seconds to 90 seconds, one wake-up can realize continuous dialogue; The user can also interrupt the answer of the machine at any time and enter the next round of dialogue without waking up again; If the system does not receive a valid instruction from the user, it will stop the radio and wait for the next input. Relying on the rich content and service ecosystem of Tencent, users can wake up the on-board voice assistant once in the car, which can realize cross scene wake-up free dialogues such as navigation, music, weather, listening to books, encyclopedia knowledge, and bring users a more intelligent and humanized in car voice interactive service experience

Tencent cloud microenterprise full duplex interaction technology adopts the industry-leading streaming semantic processing method, uploading voice in 200 milliseconds, so that the cloud brain can listen and think, predict user semantics in combination with scene and context, and think about how to reply in advance, so as to improve the timeliness and fluency of human-computer interaction. In addition, Tencent cloud microenterprise on-board voice assistant can identify the users who send instructions according to the sound area in the car, and pick up the instructions of the user's car following machine and answer the user's needs in combination with the recognition and analysis of background noise, background sound of multi person chat and other environmental sounds

multi industry and multi scene landing. Tencent cloud microenterprises help the digital transformation of various industries.

full duplex voice interaction technology represents the leading level in the field of AI voice technology, and also reflects the development direction of human-computer interaction technology. Tencent cloud microenterprises have full stack AI capabilities such as speech recognition, natural language understanding, speech synthesis, and constantly polish the platform capabilities for the industry. At present, they can achieve a wake-up rate of more than 97%, a speech recognition accuracy rate of more than 96%, and an intention understanding accuracy rate of up to 98% in a complex vehicle noise environment. Through anthropomorphic, emotional and personalized voice communication, they provide users with natural and rich interactive services

in addition to the field of travel, Tencent cloud microenterprises rely on the full stack of AI capabilities and Tencent's rich content and service ecosystem to output intelligent solutions for all walks of life, covering cultural tourism, government affairs, education, intelligent exclusion methods: take out the plunger and re polish the hardware. In the field of culture and tourism, in the small program of playing around the Forbidden City in cooperation with the Forbidden City, the intelligent voice navigation service created by Tencent cloud microenterprise and Tencent map in-depth cooperation provides tourists with chat interaction, personalized tour route recommendation, scenic spot cultural relics explanation, encyclopedia Q & A and other services. In the field of hardware, Tencent cloud microenterprise AI application solutions have been delivered to robots, smart TVs, smart speakers, smart air conditioners and other brands and products

as the core driving force of the new round of industrial reform and the strategic technology leading the future development, Tencent cloud microenterprises will continue to observe the market, continue to conduct in-depth research, provide more intelligent solutions for industries and users in different scenarios, but can reduce the intelligent weight by 9%, promote the intelligent transformation of various industries, and build a smart ecosystem with the industry

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