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The first China (Guangrao) International Tire day forum was held in Guangrao, Shandong Province recently. International well-known tire manufacturers, tire upstream raw materials, downstream application enterprises and many smart elites gathered together to share cutting-edge trends and industries, which are the problem directions that many operators will ignore, exchange and cooperation opportunities, etc

with the theme of "transforming kinetic energy and turning the world", this forum includes activities such as the establishment of tire day, the release of blue books, keynote speeches and exchanges and negotiations. It aims to promote the "transformation and upgrading" of tire, auto parts and automotive enterprises, better integrate into the global industrial chain, and create a new vane for the development of the world tire industry

the forum held in-depth discussions on important topics such as the intelligent trend of cars and tires, the coordinated upgrading of cars and tires, the integration of the global market system of automobile supporting industry, and the comparative advantages and strategic opportunities of Chinese parts and components going global

the forum released and interpreted the blue book on the overseas competitiveness of Chinese tire brands for the first time, evaluating the overseas competitiveness of Chinese tire enterprises from six dimensions: export scale efficiency and mode, market positioning and competitive environment, brand influence, innovation and product power, society and public welfare, operation management and implementation, and building an evaluation index system for the overseas competitiveness of Chinese tire enterprises

it is noteworthy that Guangrao tire exhibition has been held for ten consecutive years, which is the largest tire auto parts exhibition in China and the second largest in the world. At the new starting point of the 10th year of the exhibition, the organizing committee specially held the first tire day forum and set up the first "China (Guangrao) International Tire day" on May 15

this forum is jointly hosted by the China Council for the promotion of international trade and the Shandong provincial government, and hosted by the China International Chamber of Commerce and other units. It is an important supporting forum for the China (Guangrao) international rubber tire and auto parts exhibition

the establishment of the first 5.15 international tire day also indicates that Guangrao, the "tire capital of the world", which accounts for a quarter of China's tire output, is driven by two wheels, working together with the strength of the whole industrial value chain at home and abroad, moving all the way towards the direction of science and technology and globalization, and realizing a new leap forward in the development of application machines in a broader field

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