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The magic weapon of "ten points" enables coating enterprises to seize the market and win.

in the highly competitive coating market, if you occupy the sales channel, you can grasp the market channel and be profitable. The homogenization of products in the coating industry is becoming more and more serious. Coating enterprises try their best to carry out various marketing. How can they win with differentiated marketing mode

I. The "starting point" of enterprise positioning

in the fierce competition in the paint market, the imitation of products follows the trend too much, and most of them are difficult to go long without innovation and their own things to show. Paint enterprises how to achieve their own characteristics, from several points to explain; (1) Obvious packaging characteristics; (2) Clarify the product concept appeal point; (3) The product price system should meet the needs of the public; (4) The attractive orientation of cultural characteristics; (5) Innovative promotion methods

second, the "base" point of brand culture

the source point of brand culture features does not lack the recognition of consumers. In any enterprise, they will have their own brand culture features. The biggest advantage of this is that it is a part of the comprehensive competitive advantage of the enterprise, and it is also a place that can be recognized by the market and trusted by consumers. In the market, brand culture is indispensable. It is one of the driving advantages of enterprises. How to better show in the market that huangang rookie network and 32 logistics partners around the world launch the "Green Plan" degree testing machine? Do you know? Bit, it must be fixed according to the situation of its own enterprise. In every enterprise, it will be done according to its own positioning and market consumption demand

third, the "important" point of product quality

if paint products want to get consumers, they must first check the quality of their own paint products, otherwise, paint products will be directly eliminated by market projects, and even destroy the reputation of the company and brand. Product quality is the life of an enterprise. There are various factors for a paint brand to be recognized by consumers in the market. Of course, quality is the most important link. There are also factors such as packaging characteristics, product effects, word-of-mouth publicity, brand awareness, service in place and so on. The reason why any enterprise will pay attention to the quality of its own products is that they also realize that this quality is the life of the enterprise

IV. the "strong" point of education and training

no matter how good the coating product or the marketing model is, it is useless without the support of the team and the implementation of the price 1 up and then up. If enterprises do not pay attention to the training system and strengthen the professional knowledge of personnel, they will enter the "dirty quagmire", and the powerful and airless coating enterprises will slowly wait for death. The reason is that enterprises should systematically strengthen training, strengthen members' professional knowledge and sales skills, and strengthen the effective application of members' professional knowledge to their own post work, so as to better reflect their own working ability and performance

v. the "hard" point of the elite team

on the battlefield, enterprises need a strong team to fight, and people with strong morale and combat ability, the team should be domineering and brave, follow the spirit of death in the paint enterprise, and be not afraid of sacrifice and hardship. What enterprises need is such talents, and it is easy to find ordinary soldiers, but difficult to find strong Jiang. No matter in any enterprise, it also needs people who are confident and willing to work. Such people we pull into the enterprise team as elite soldiers. Such soldiers should stand the test and training, and take the common survival and death of enterprises as the principle

VI. the "face" point of channel construction

If a paint product brand wants to do well, how about the occupation based on the sales channel? If it can't occupy the sales, it can't realize the source of sales at all. For many enterprises, what they pay attention to is the increasing importance of terminal channel construction. Only by occupying the sales channel, maintaining and managing the terminal well, and making steady progress, can they have the opportunity to seize market share. We should make progress in a distinctive and differentiated mode and get out of the dilemma

VII. The "bright" point of brand image

if an enterprise does not pay attention to brand development planning and image building, it is not a brand. A brand needs market cultivation and time to build. It is called a brand only when it is well-known and recognized by the market. In the long-term context, it is only possible to get the recognition of the market and the trust of consumers, but also to have a development history and long-term precipitation, which is the basis of brand development. The brand attaches great importance to image building. With image specialization, it will highlight the charm of the brand, attract more consumers, and become the "bright" point of the market

VIII. The "painting" point of marketing planning

for many enterprises, no matter what they plan, they can achieve the effect of internal and external revenue according to their own conditions and market demand. The important task of planners is to put their mission into the planning of the enterprise brand, position the planning in combination with the situation of the enterprise, and grasp the internal and external needs

IX. the "dynamic" point of terminal promotion

good products cannot be pushed by promoters, and they also play a role in sales. The reason is that terminal promotion needs to be driven. In the market, whether the sales volume of the brand can be improved depends on several factors; (1) The decision of the location of the business district; (2) The difference limitation of consumption level and ability; (3) Low brand awareness; (4) Promotion personnel are not professional enough; (5) Promotion means are too backward; (6) Product quality is not guaranteed; (7) The packaging is not attractive; (8) The service attitude was too bad. Any brand needs terminal "dynamic" sales to play a driving role, and the product sales will be sold faster. At the same time, this requires the cooperation and cooperation of the team to complete the task

X. the "profit" point of the innovation mode

among many enterprises, they lack a perfect operation system, which is the method of "profit" mode. If we can start according to the actual situation, we will have half the success. To become bigger and stronger, a brand needs an innovative "profit" model. Only by grasping the market dynamics and consumer needs at all times and formulating a business trip dissimilation marketing mode can the enterprise take a better long-term path and develop healthily and steadily

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