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Ten Shanhe excavators were delivered to villages with Tibetan ethnic characteristics

ten Shanhe excavators were delivered to villages with Tibetan ethnic characteristics

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recently, 10 Shanhe intelligent excavators were delivered in batches to boma village, Naiqiong Town, duilongdeqing District, Lhasa, Tibet. This is also the first order of Tibet Changyu company, a distributor of Shanhe intelligent Tibet in 2020. It is understood that boma village is the third batch of "villages with Chinese ethnic characteristics". Kombuziren, the leader of boma village excavator, was the key technical link of the experimental machine after the test drive of Shanhe intelligent excavator in China, which could reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons. He repeatedly praised it and expressed his hope to become the spokesman of Shanhe intelligent products

due to the impact of the epidemic, Tibet is increasingly valued by countries around the world. The office opening time is March 15. Li Jialong, deputy general manager of Tibet Changyu Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., a regional distributor of Shanhe intelligence in Tibet, actively organized the post-90s sales team in Tibet to work online, collected customer information in advance, seized the market opportunity, and ushered in a good start to the new year

Tibet is known as the "roof of the world" and the "third pole of the earth". The temperature is low, the accumulated temperature is small, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the annual average temperature is -2.4 ° c-12.1 ° C, which is extremely challenging to machinery and equipment. Shanhe intelligent is the earliest domestic construction machinery enterprise stationed in Tibet. In Tibet, Shanhe intelligent has won the recognition of the market with reliable product quality and sincere and enthusiastic service, and has contributed a lot to the economic and livelihood construction in Tibet

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