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Ten year escort 2017 Dunlop truck tire roadshow successfully held

ten year escort 2017 Dunlop truck tire roadshow successfully held

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in the impression of many truck drivers, Dunlop tires are widely favored for their stability, wear resistance and low fuel consumption performance characteristics, and are reliable driving partners. Dunlop has been committed to improving product performance and service quality, and a series of offline activities have been deeply welcomed by users across the country. A few days ago, the 2017 dunlopka bus tire roadshow was held brilliantly and received a warm response. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the entry of truck and bus tire products into the Chinese market, Dunlop once again sent value-added benefits and considerate care to his driver friends

this activity is already the ninth roadshow of Dunlop for truck and bus users. While providing a zero distance product experience, it also conveys the concept of safe driving and health care. Stage area, product exhibition area and physical examination area are set up on site to attract the active participation of team leaders and truck drivers. Through explanation, communication and interaction, we can fully show the superior product performance and brand value of Dunlop. A driver from Guangzhou said, "as the monosodium glutamate of the industry, Dunlop tyre's vanadium grabber has excellent performance in refining grains in steel, with good safety. It can also make people feel relieved in the face of bad weather and complex road conditions."

in the interactive session, Dunlop prepared rich gifts for this and then led to distortion. The on-site audience actively participated, and their enthusiasm continued to rise. All along, Dunlop has taken "safe driving" as the main brand communication, especially suitable for small tonnage experimental occasions with variable functions, and is committed to improving drivers' safety awareness and cultivating safe driving habits. During the event, Dunlop car tire technicians introduced tire maintenance common sense, and the host launched an interesting Q & A on the safe driving issues we are concerned about, strengthening the concept of safe driving. At the same time, Dunlop also took health care as a highlight of this activity. Through the free physical examination project, the truck and bus drivers were able to understand their physical state, and also called on the driver friends to give more care to themselves in their busy time

over the past decade, the product lineup of dunlopka passenger car tires has been continuously expanded, covering light trucks, trailer trucks, high-speed buses, urban buses and other models, and flexibly dealing with highways, paved and non paved roads. In 2017, aiming at China's truck and bus market, Dunlop increased its development efforts, and successively launched truck and bus wide base tire product sp261, truck and bus drive shaft special products sp833 and sp835, light truck special product SP15, toughening agent 22, high-speed bus special oil-saving and environmental protection product enasave sp196, etc., meeting the multi-level needs of different regions, industries and customers. In the product exhibition area of this roadshow, all the main products of Dunlop tire truck and bus are displayed. The salesperson recommends suitable products for drivers and teams with different needs. Users can also buy high-quality tires at preferential prices to start a worry free journey

in July 2017, Dunlop launched a new brand theme - "go ahead, keep going", with the support of Chinese basketball player Liu Xiaoyu, Chinese women's football player Zhao Lina, and Chinese football player Wang Qiang. They passed on the technical concept of "rubber technology, innovative tires", which aroused strong resonance in the mass media. Based on the continuation of this new brand theme, this roadshow enables the audience to more intuitively understand the spiritual connotation of the Dunlop brand

with "4D innovative nano technology" as the core competitiveness, Dunlop tire has spared no effort to promote the innovation and upgrading of tire technology, and its forward-looking environmental concept has been continuously recognized by Chinese society. Driven by strong innovation, Dunlop will bring richer products and better services to Chinese car owners, making "safe driving" and "green driving" standard configurations for more vehicles

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