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Thousands of orders! XCMG hoisting garbage truck helps the urban construction in Central China

ten million orders! XCMG hoisting garbage truck helps the urban construction in Central China

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recently, XCMG environment successfully received contract orders for more than 10 hoisting garbage trucks, with a total value of nearly 10 million. These hoisting garbage trucks will be used for the collection and transportation of urban and rural domestic garbage in the central region to improve the local living environment

XCMG lifting garbage truck delivery site

with reliable product performance, efficient operation efficiency and high-quality service, XCMG environment has won high recognition and praise from customer units. Therefore, in the second batch of equipment procurement, customers did not hesitate to continue to choose XCMG sanitation equipment

XCMG is currently the only enterprise in China that implements the research on the overall technology matching of special vehicles. The more professional integrated R & D and manufacturing mode is XCMG's unique competitive advantage. The hoisting garbage truck delivered this time is the fruit of XCMG's integration. It is jointly developed by XCMG environment and XCMG on-board. The overall structure is matched by the compression garbage truck and sq5zk2q on-board crane. In this way, "the steel structure accounts for more than 80% of the newly-built houses in the whole machine", which is unmatched by any other competitor in the industry

product highlights of hoisting garbage truck

hoisting garbage truck is a garbage collection and transportation mode rising in China at present, which is used together with the new buried garbage can. The garbage is put into the compression chamber of the compressor through the lifting device to complete the collection and transfer of garbage

the arm of the lifting device adopts hexagonal section technology, with strong bending resistance. Its unique three-point bridge floating structure can effectively reduce the additional pressure borne by the chassis girder when the vehicle is running, and can realize 360 degree continuous rotation. The crane can lift 5m ³ The maximum working range of the bucket of the crane can reach 7.4M. At the same time, in order to enrich the diversified needs of products, the hoisting garbage truck is equipped with a bucket hanging mechanism, which can realize the loading and dumping of standard garbage cans

beautiful and tidy buried bucket

XCMG truck crane

at the same time, the truck has the functions of cleaning and dirt absorption, which can timely clean up the sewage dripping during the garbage hoisting process, the washing in the outer bucket of the buried bucket, and the collection and extraction of sewage, so that the garbage does not fall during the whole garbage collection and transportation process. The whole vehicle is easy to operate, and one person can complete all operations. It is widely used in streets, communities, parks and other areas with high environmental requirements

XCMG integrated lifting garbage truck

in addition to XCMG 2, the power system adopts the integrated lifting garbage truck of stepper + driver + ball screw + synchronous belt drive, XCMG environment also cooperates with XCMG automobile to launch a variety of environmental sanitation products, further expand the development space of the environmental sanitation market, and help XCMG environmental industry accelerate the in-depth development

XCMG integrated pure electric compression vehicle

XCMG integrated pure electric closed barreled garbage truck

XCMG integrated multi-functional dust suppression vehicle

the strong resource integration advantages make XCMG integrated vehicle realize value transcendence in product cost performance, service and spare parts guarantee, and business model, and become an industry leader. This batch of hoisting garbage trucks entered the central market, and the cups with obvious ears in 6.1.1 showed the strong strength of XCMG brand

adhere to innovation driven development, practice the gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use" and the product strategy of "three high and one large". XCMG will continue to anchor the strategic goal of the environmental industry of 10 billion yuan, accelerate the development of the environmental industry to a new level, and contribute a high-end, world-class century XCMG to the country

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