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Nanjing is a standard material. Beijing has launched the battle of pollution prevention and control by listing and supervising the top ten projects.

Nanjing has launched the battle of pollution prevention and control by listing and supervising the top ten projects with convenient use and other characteristics.

February 5, 2018

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Nanjing recently proposed to list and supervise the top ten projects, which were announced to the public and accepted public supervision to ensure the completion of quality and quantity

these ten projects involve coal and chemical reduction, air treatment, sewage pipe construction, water treatment, traffic pollution treatment, green space construction, agricultural pollution, domestic waste and waste mine treatment, and safety control of hazardous chemicals

some projects include the completion of 2.5 million tons of coal reduction, the closure of 40 chemical enterprises, and the renovation of 42 foundry and other enterprises; We completed the treatment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in 204 enterprises and environmental protection in 1000 catering enterprises, and built 1001 New energy vehicle materials is a "smart construction site"; 150 kilometers of new sewage pipes were built, and 370 kilometers of inventory pipes were built by the BYD cooperation project leading group headed by the main leader of the municipal government

this mobilization meeting for the battle of pollution prevention and control proposed to ensure that the excellent rate of air quality in the city will reach 75% in 2018, the annual average concentration of PM2.5 will drop to less than 40 micrograms/cubic meter, and the energy consumption of 10000 yuan GDP will drop by 4%, so as to ensure the full implementation of the rectification tasks of the central and provincial environmental protection inspectors, and ensure the overall improvement of the ecological environment along the Yangtze River in Nanjing

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