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Corning: the substrate market will reach 2.7 billion square feet next year

Corning, the global glass substrate leader, said in the third quarter that it gave a positive message to the panel industry. The company pointed out that it is estimated that the global glass substrate market will reach 2.7 billion square feet next year, 15% longer than this year

Corning estimates that the global LCD TV market demand will increase to 1% next year. 5.6 billion units, 20% longer than this year. In addition, the market including NB will also grow by 20%, and the annual growth of desktop LCD monitors is about 4%

Corning's overall revenue in the third quarter 1 is not just the improvement of rubber materials. 4. US $7.9 billion, an increase of 6% over the second quarter, and a profit of 6. US $4.3 billion, up 5% in a single quarter. Although in August, the Japanese Shizuoka plant under Corning's display technology (panel glass substrate) was affected by the earthquake, but in the third quarter, Corning still had 6. The single quarter revenue performance of $7.9 billion was still higher than that of the second quarter

Flores, vice president and chief financial officer of Corning, pointed out that although the power outage at Corning's Taichung plant in Taiwan in the third quarter affected the production, based on the market performance in the previous two quarters, Corning is quite determined and confident that the glass business performance in the fourth quarter should be inherited and maintained. The conditioning scale

Corning also caused the experimental force load to drop at an instant. The terminal price of LCD TV is expected to continue to maintain a fairly attractive quotation for consumers. In addition, at the end of the fourth quarter, the departmental panel manufacturers may slightly reduce the production rate, which will help to maintain the healthy inventory level of the overall panel industry

Kang expressed his satisfaction with the panel market next year. Ning pointed out that it is estimated that the leading season of next year will be slightly adjusted downward seasonally. However, in the second quarter, panel manufacturers may gradually increase their production rate due to the expected peak season in the second half of the year. Therefore, Kang Ning preliminarily estimated that the market demand for glass substrates in the second quarter of next year will rise significantly

in addition, in order to meet the needs of customers, Corning has officially entered the mass production of the tenth generation of glass substrates in the third quarter. It is estimated in the industry that this should be due to the glass substrate required by sharp's 10th generation line, which also makes Corning a leading manufacturer in the industry that can mass produce 10th generation glass substrates

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