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The corrugated box industry needs to adjust its pace (Part 1)

development opportunities

1. the focus of the corrugated box industry in Asia is shifting to China

recently, Mr. liaobaohao, former president of the corrugated box Association in Asia, pointed out that China will become the focus and leader of corrugated box production and sales in Asia. According to President Liao, China's carton sales are growing rapidly, in sharp contrast to the shrinking sales in Asia and even the rest of the world. In Asia, South Korea, Singapore and other places all experienced negative growth. In 1996, the sales volume of carton in China was about 8billion square meters, only half of that of Japan. In 2000, the sales volume has increased to 1.25 million square meters. It is estimated that by 2008, China's carton sales will reach 20billion square meters, while Japan will maintain at 13.5 billion square meters

among the world's continents, at present, the sales volume of corrugated boxes ranks first in North America, second in Europe and third in Asia, with an area of about 40billion square meters. In the next six to seven years, the rapid development of China's economy in Asia will drive and promote the sales of corrugated boxes in Asia to surpass that in North America and become the first in the world

2. the largest packaging market in the international economy is when we install universal experimental machine fixtures.

with China's economic development and the growth of the durability of wood plastic composites such as foreign trade export commodities, it is expected that by 2010, the demand for the size of the packaging market will reach at least 500billion-600billion yuan. China in the 21st century will be the largest packaging market in the international economy, The corresponding demand for packaging raw materials and packaging machinery will also be greatly increased. According to experts' prediction, the annual growth rate of the demand for umbrella ball packaging machinery is about 5.3%, which will reach US $29billion in 2005 and US $40billion in 2010, of which China and India will occupy the largest share. Therefore, the demand for packaging machinery in both international and domestic markets is huge. Such a large demand will also stimulate and stimulate the accelerated development of China's packaging industry

although it has been in power for less than two years, 3. with the gradual integration of China's packaging market with the international packaging market, China's packaging enterprises will directly face the competition of foreign enterprises.

of course, foreign capital is competing in China's packaging market, including packaging, printing, equipment, software development, packaging and printing materials, as well as international cooperation in packaging education. The pace of foreign enterprises' entry into China's market has accelerated, and the forms are far from limited to the previous projects such as joint venture, cooperation and office building. The number is staggering. It is not uncommon to have actions of tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars. Huge financial support, mature market and management experience not only make it benefit quickly in China's market, but also provide a rare opportunity for the development of China's packaging industry

4. in recent years, the state has continuously increased its investment in the packaging industry.

in the first three years of 2002, 9billion yuan, 10.5 billion yuan and 7.04 billion yuan of additional treasury bonds were respectively used for technological transformation, of which packaging and related industries were identified as one of the "six and a half landmark goals" and were given key support. At present, 21 national technological transformation projects have been implemented in the packaging paper industry, with a total investment of 14billion yuan, including 8.2 billion yuan in loans. The benefits of these key enterprises' technological transformation projects have begun to show, thus significantly enhancing the competitiveness of these enterprises in the domestic and international markets

the export part may rise rapidly. At present, some relatively new domestic technologies are applicable technologies and equipment for the Southeast Asian market, Russian market, Middle East and African market in the next few years, and the export prospect is promising

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