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Corning released the second generation of scratch protection glass, which is 20% thinner than the first generation.

Corning, a large manufacturer of display glass, announced that it would launch the second generation product Corning gorilla glass 2, which is 20% thinner than the first generation of scratch protection glass, and it would be exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES) held in Las Vegas from October 10 to 13

Corning released that the thickness of Corning gorilla glass 2 is 20% thinner than that of the previous generation of deformation measurement index parameters, while maintaining the leading advantages of damage resistance, hardness and scratch resistance. Corning gorilla glass2 glass can make the device thinner, more fashionable, brighter image display, shear test results of solder joints and better touch sensitivity

Corning said that the above advantages can provide electronic product manufacturers with more design flexibility to meet consumers' requirements for higher performance, touch sensitivity and durability of mobile devices

Corning gorilla glass emphasizes that it is highly accepted in the rapidly growing mobile handheld device or computer device market, and can provide protective glass and carefully designed options to replace plastic and general glass

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