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Corrugated box industry must build "three systems"

recently, Huang Shanxiang, a paper industry expert, was interviewed about the development direction of corrugated box industry. Huangshanxiang has just returned from an investigation in Wuxi, Suzhou and Nantong. The purpose of his trip is to understand what the corrugated box industry is busy with, what experts are thinking, and what their goals are

Suzhou and Wuxi have always been the centralized production areas of corrugated box ⑴ maximum range industry. In the past, although Nantong was near the river and the sea, the carton industry was in a backward state for a long time; In recent years, it has suddenly come out of the trough and become the fastest growing region. The dynamics of the three regions basically represent the changes of the industry. Huang Shanxiang extensively absorbed the opinions of corrugated box experts, systematically analyzed and studied the corrugated paper industry, and put forward the industry goal of building "three systems"

Huang Shanxiang believes that the corrugated box industry must build "three systems" in order to realize modernization. Under the national economic environment, the corrugated box industry will inevitably form a unique system according to its own development law

in the period of planned economy, the foreign trade department dominated the packaging of export commodities, and the designated corrugated box production plants in the national foreign trade system became a unique packaging system. At that time, there were 23 designated carton factories in Jiangsu Province, which collectively contracted the carton packaging business of the province's export commodities, forming a planned system

in the period of market economy, township enterprises have risen one after another, gradually replacing the old fixed-point factories and forming an open system. Now, the corrugated box industry system is constantly improving. The corrugated box system mainly focuses on the following three aspects:

first, foreign capital, joint ventures and private enterprises form a new system of the corrugated box industry. This is the embodiment of an open market economy. Foreign funded enterprises are the market economy to enhance the competitive advantage of industry groups; It is an important part of stabilizing the domestic market, with strong economic strength, high-grade equipment and advanced management, representing the international level. In China's economically developed regions, the scale and level of foreign-funded enterprises are in a leading position, such as "Jinhai" in Suzhou, "Jingxing" in Nanjing, and "tenawang" in Changzhou, representing an international model

Sino foreign joint ventures are mainly to attract foreign investment. They are generally invested by foreign investors and managed by the Chinese side. They are also developing at a high level. For example, Jiangsu Taizhou Yongsheng paper products Co., Ltd. has modernized its equipment due to foreign investment

private enterprises are a group, representing the foundation of the whole industry, with a wide range and a large amount. A few private enterprises are also developing towards modernization. Private enterprises are expected to become the king of the local industry in competition with foreign-funded enterprises and joint ventures

China's foreign-funded enterprises are gradually improving the corrugated box industry development system. In order to develop the industry, the "one capital" of the three foreign-funded enterprises should not be less. Now they are each in their own array. In the future, they will form the same system: they are not only competing with each other, but also interdependent and develop together

second, a comprehensive cooperation system among large, medium and small enterprises. The corrugated box industry is often characterized by market disorder and disorderly competition in the initial stage. This is unavoidable. The development of the industry is to survive and develop in chaos. The emergence of high-level large enterprises in chaos promotes the development of the whole industry to an advanced stage

in the development of the industry, due to the emergence of a number of large enterprises, the industry has formed a specialized division of labor. Large enterprises concentrate on the production of corrugated board, and small and medium-sized enterprises process cartons. The industry has taken a big step towards modernization, created a comprehensive cooperation system between large and small enterprises, and ended the long-term chaotic situation

the industry gradually moves from disorderly competition to normal competition, and from low-level competition to high-level competition among large enterprises. Huang Shanxiang said that it must be pointed out that this new system has just begun to take shape, and there are still many unstable factors. The main reason is that large enterprises are not concentrated enough, the grade of corrugated production lines is not high enough, and regional monopoly large enterprises need to have a process of development and improvement. At the same time, there are too many small and medium-sized enterprises, the post-processing equipment used is rough, and the post-processing process of the high-grade corrugated board produced by the high-grade production line is not matched with that of the high-grade corrugated board. Therefore, the development of four major industries, including sealing materials, energy storage materials, superhard materials and graphene, needs to go through a process of development and adjustment. The quality of managers and ordinary employees in private enterprises is still relatively backward. To achieve a modern comprehensive cooperation system, it is urgent to improve

third, the system of organic combination of papermaking, carton and printing. This is a basic system. From the perspective of modernization requirements, all links of this system have been separated for a long time and are beginning to combine, but it is very difficult to combine well. Papermaking and cartons are like a relationship between husband and wife. Only with the combination of men and women can men and women have children. In China, the paper industry and the carton industry have suffered from "divorce" for a long time. More paper-making, paper mills suffer; Less paper, the carton factory is suffering. For a long time, either you or I have suffered. Recently, the paper price has risen, and the carton factory has been crying bitterly. When has this kind of trouble come? Jiangsu's paper production will always be well-off and surplus to the carton industry in the future. Recently, Mr. Huang went to Changshu, Suzhou, to see the "Liwen" paper industry run by the Hong Kong investment office. He was surprised by the scale of paper making in a vast land along the Yangtze River in Changshu. But we should know that these large paper-making enterprises are facing the national market and the international market

the paper industry and carton industry do not lie in more paper and less paper, but in the integration of resources, that is, the organic combination of paper and carton. The modernization of corrugated boxes and papermaking lies in the combination

this is a big goal, which must be achieved. Carton and printing are also suffering from long-term separation. Corrugated box long-term heavy paperboard light printing. Due to the centralized processing of the corrugated board production line, the quality of the board has been fundamentally solved, but the contradiction with the carton printing industry has become prominent, and the overall quality of the carton has been transferred to printing. Although the level of carton back printing and processing equipment has been improved, Beijing anleko Information Development Co., Ltd. has undertaken a high level, but it is far from reaching a high standard

the organic combination system of papermaking, cartons and printing is the quality basis of corrugated box products, and the process of combination is the process of carton modernization. We need to work together to complete this process

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