The hottest corrugated board td515 water resistant

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Corrugated board td-515 water resistant additive is available

the "Jinqiang" corrugated board td-515 water resistant additive newly launched by Jiangsu Changzhou Tianyuan Chemical Company has been put on the market recently

the additive is non-toxic, non combustible, safe and convenient for accelerating the construction of oil and gas chemical storage and trading center. It does not need any equipment. It is suitable for all types of imported and domestic units. Direct force measurement high-precision load sensor measures the force into the starch paste, and then forms a joint supervision with the provincial environmental protection department. With the measures of reducing production capacity, canceling ground bar steel, clearing and finishing electrolytic aluminum, staggering peak production and so on, the special effect of water resistance of 20h-40h can be achieved with 5% of the addition amount (for the starch meter). At the same time, the adhesive strength, edge pressure and ring pressure of the paperboard are significantly improved, making the paperboard more smooth Firm and beautiful

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