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Corning will provide the iPhone with flexible glass panels, which are more attractive and durable than Samsung and Huawei.

at present, Samsung and Huawei have released their own folding. Although the two models are full of gimmicks, the price as high as $2000 also makes many users stay away. In addition to the high price, these two folds have their own defects, including plastic panels, creases, unevenness and so on. Even Samsung fold dare not let people try

although Apple's progress has fallen behind, now it seems that apple is not in a hurry, because Apple is ready to launch a more perfect folding iPhone. Recently, Corning, Apple's glass panel supplier, said that it is developing a more flexible glass panel, which is certainly prepared for folding. In fact, this research and development was initiated by apple, which means that the folding iPhone will be equipped with flexible glass panels

as early as 2017, apple clarified the strengthening and toughening mechanism, interface properties, etc., invested Corning $200million to develop flexible glass panels, and applied for multiple folding patents. It can be seen from the patent that Apple's folding iPhone can be folded in both directions without any creases

in an interview with the general manager of Corning, they said that their goal was to develop a flexible glass with a thickness of 0.1mm and a folding radius of 3-5mm, while ensuring the wear resistance of the glass. At present, the folding radius of flexible screens launched by Samsung, BOE and LG is basically 3-5mm, and the latest products can be folded by 1mm

Corning has developed glass that can be curled, but it can not be used as a screen

at the MWC conference, the screens of Samsung fold and Huawei mate X were found to be uneven and creased, which is also one of the biggest problems that we can develop new adhesive solutions to meet the needs of the local market with higher efficiency. If users spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy a screen with creases, it is certainly difficult to accept

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