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Bill Gates brilliantly pointed out that the emergence of any new technology or new development trend will prompt enterprises in the corrugated box industry to make adaptive strategic adjustments to their development goals. If enterprises can identify the connotation of this change and grasp the opportunities brought by the new change, they can become the market leader

looking at the 2005 China International Corrugated exhibition, we find that China's corrugated box market, which is in the competition of global market, is going through an era of rapid changes and re division of territory. International technical cooperation is in the ascendant, collectivization and strategic alliances are emerging again, and China's corrugated box industry has ushered in an era of great change

this is the only case in China's carton industry market, which provides supporting services for carton enterprises. Over the past few decades, with the development and testing of the carton industry, demand changes can be carried out in the shoe waist area where there is usually no pattern, which has experienced a series of evolution

before the 1970s, the carton industry market was in the period of planned economy, and the production equipment was domestic machinery, with backward technology and low efficiency; After the reform and opening up in the 1980s, the market demand for advanced equipment increased. Some domestic carton factories began to introduce advanced equipment from Japan and other countries, but after all, foreign equipment was expensive. Therefore, at this time, the share of imported equipment in the market was not large. Domestic equipment firmly occupied the dominant position in the market and began to consciously imitate the imported equipment. We can imagine that if this development continues, the development of China's corrugated box industry will be a steady and quiet road. However, as the so-called "unpredictable events", with the deepening of China's reform and opening up and the rapid growth of economic development, the entire corrugated box industry market, like many industries, has quickly fallen into the vortex of market competition

at present, the entire corrugated box industry market in China has entered a "Warring States era" in which a large number of competitors have sprung up. Taiwan and overseas suppliers have made a large-scale landing in the Chinese market to seize market share, while China's local corrugated box industry suppliers are not willing to be outdone. The fierce market competition has prompted the entire Chinese corrugated box industry to enter an era of great change to re divide its sphere of influence. In the competition, some enterprises with international vision and great ambition in the industry feel that under the pattern of global economic integration, it is difficult to quickly occupy the dominant position in the fierce market competition by relying on their own strength. Therefore, they have made strategic attempts in technology, marketing and other aspects to seek the improvement of enterprise competitiveness and become the same action of corrugated box industry suppliers at home and abroad. In terms of development strategy, IMG's strategic idea of operating globally in Asia has just surfaced, and the grand lineup of Max group's integrated industrial chain has shocked the industry. The above two "loose" enterprise group formation methods are in the ascendant, which shows that the industry enterprises not only have a certain understanding of the implementation of international development strategy in the context of economic globalization, Moreover, the strategic cooperation mode has been comprehensively weighed and grasped based on itself; In terms of technology, cross-border and cross domain technical cooperation is a major feature of the current cooperation among enterprises in the industry. On the premise of mutual benefit, technical cooperation can enable enterprises to obtain the technical advantages they need at a small cost, improve their technical level in a short time and increase their core competitiveness; In terms of marketing, the importance of marketing has been recognized by most enterprises in the industry. The channels tend to be diversified and the forms are more colorful

one of the changes:

the expansion period is coming, and loose enterprise groups form super "aircraft carriers"

collectivized "arrays" around the world

at the just concluded 2005 China International corrugation exhibition, IMG group, with Shanghai Xuheng iron machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Dongfang carton machinery industry Co., Ltd. as the main bodies, participated in the exhibition on a grand scale in a super large exhibition area of nearly 900 square meters, Shanghai Xuheng and Nanhai Dongfang, the main members of img group, launched a huge marketing campaign. A series of main products such as down draft flat pressing and cross cutting machines have attracted many professional visitors to visit and consult

in addition to displaying products, the establishment of img Asia manufacturing center is also one of the important publicity contents of Xuheng and Dongfang in this exhibition. IMG group was founded in 2002 and headquartered in Remscheid, Germany. In addition to Shanghai Xuheng, Nanhai Oriental and Oriental ink painting, the members of img group also include German Klett company and American Brasse company. At the beginning of this year, IMG Asia manufacturing center was officially established and is expected to be put into operation in the first half of this year. IMG group members have different market backgrounds and outstanding professional advantages. As elites in their respective markets, why should they travel thousands of miles, or even cross national borders, to carry out such a form of cooperation

Zhenghua, general manager of Shanghai Xuheng company, said in an interview with this magazine that the three main members of img all feel that under the development pattern of world economic integration, collectivization has become an effective way for enterprises to rapidly expand their own scale and improve their market share and competitiveness in the face of international and domestic competitive environment. This is the background. From the perspective of corrugated box industry market, with the development of the industry mature, More and more customers hope that a company can provide them with all-round services. The members of the group feel this and have the determination and idea to find partners, integrate resources and jointly become bigger and stronger. "The reason for the establishment of img group's Asian manufacturing center is that after two years of running in after the establishment of img group in 2002, the cooperation among the group members has become increasingly smooth. With the maturity of the manufacturing capacity of img's Asian members, the group has implemented the strategy of gradually transferring European production to Asia. The establishment of img's Asian manufacturing center has made the division of labor and cooperation among the members clearer and closer, and also marks img group, which has been widely concerned by the industry It has taken substantial steps to build an international brand. " Making use of the low manufacturing costs in Asia to enhance the competitiveness of the group and managing the world in Asia is the main purpose of img's collectivized operation

"strategic alliance" integrates the industrial chain and dominates the world

at this international corrugating exhibition, the huge circular exhibition area composed of Mingwei Paper Machinery Co., Ltd. and 12 companies including sodeme and diniton impressed the audience. On March 31, liumingchuang of Taiwan Mingwei company, the initiator of Max group, specially delivered a speech at the exhibition site to answer many questions about this alliance in the industry, Thus, the brand-new expansion mode of "strategic alliance" enters the field of vision of the industry

the name of the strategic alliance is Max group, and its members include 12 companies, including sodeme (France), diniton (UK), maccorr (India), Lianhao (Taiwan), Yuanlu group (China) and Mingwei (Taiwan), which is controlled by Mingwei. Liumingchuang believes that today's enterprise development is facing the severe challenge of fierce global competition. Only by continuously improving themselves can enterprises not be swallowed up by the torrent of the times. "With the change of industrial structure, rapid technological innovation and the borderless of road science and technology, the competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce, and they are forced to accept more rigorous tests. Especially at the moment when the world economic and trade order is reorganized, regional organizations are gradually taking shape, and the international road is developing rapidly, it is the critical moment of enterprise crisis and turnaround, and the international strategic alliance is a good way to rebuild enterprises and create turnaround." By adopting strategic alliance, we can meet the customers' buying habit of buying enough at one time, and customize the most competitive products that meet the needs of each customer, so that customers can enjoy comprehensive and diversified services wherever they are. We can also enable strategic alliance partners to obtain different business opportunities to meet each other's market needs because of customers' different needs for product features and functions, Make the enterprise in an invincible position

change 2:

International Cooperation: gather people's strengths and become a "tool"

in our impression, many multinational companies, especially those with high technology content, are always looking for partners, because we always see the news of their cooperation through TV, newspapers and other media, technically or on the way of marketing. Indeed, under the competition pattern of economic globalization, technical cooperation is a cooperation mode that many world-renowned large enterprises tend to adopt, and it is widely used in all walks of life in the world economy. Compared with the purchase or merger among enterprises, the way of technical cooperation shows great flexibility. Because it will not allow enterprises to launch mergers and acquisitions because they want to acquire the other party's core technology. After all, practice has proved that mergers and acquisitions often produce unexpected crises, and the results are not necessarily satisfactory. In contrast, technical cooperation is much more economical and practical. The two sides are equal and mutually beneficial, each has its own goals, and share the same goals. There is no need for tension. We can see from today's Chinese corrugated box market that more and more companies have begun to accept this soft strategic cooperation mode. At the site of this International Corrugated exhibition, several cooperation activities set off a great upsurge of technical cooperation

at 11:00 a.m. on March 30, IMG Oriental Carton Machinery Co., Ltd. and sun automation group jointly held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the exhibition site, officially announcing the success of the cooperation. The micro anvil trimming system of American sun was successfully applied to img Oriental's newly developed printing product "Asia Pacific Star". Dongfang carton has a long history of cooperation with American sun. Tangzhuolin, general manager of Dongfang Machinery, and Ted hartka, President of American sun, said at the ribbon cutting ceremony that both sides cherish this cooperation. A spokesman for img Oriental said that the years of cooperation with American sun have improved the brand competitiveness and industry popularity of the East. In the future, Dongfang will continue to work closely with American sun to discuss new international carton packaging standards The new process applies the most practical international new technology to the corrugated box equipment in China

at 4:30 p.m. on March 31, Jingshan Light Machinery Co., Ltd. and sun launched the world's top single-sided machine. At the exhibition site, Hubei Jingshan Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. and sun automation group (sun) jointly held a press conference to solemnly announce the success of the cooperation between the two sides. Jingshan light machinery uses the advanced technology of sun to produce langston450sf single-sided machine. This machine is a very popular one-sided machine in the world at present. It is energy-saving and efficient. It makes full use of computer technology, and can automatically adjust the set parameters, improving the quality and output. Sunyouyuan of Jingshan Light Machinery Co., Ltd. said at the release site that he was very happy to cooperate with sun Corporation of the United States. Both sides hope that this cooperation can apply international advanced technology to the production of corrugated box equipment in China and bring more investment returns to the carton factory

Huayang also announced that it has joined hands with flexo and will soon launch a satellite flexographic printing machine. The hy-rmf series satellite printing machine jointly produced by Huayang and flexo, a well-known Italian flexographic printing equipment manufacturer, can not only give full play to the high-tech advantages of aerospace enterprises, but also absorb foreign advanced flexographic printing technology. The performance of the machine will be relied on in China and has a high cost performance ratio

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