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<5. Clearly focus on the slide specimen p> Corning will exhibit ultra-thin flexible glass

according to foreign media reports, Corning recently said that it plans to announce its new ultra-thin flexible glass and eaglexgslimline glass substrate. These two new products are designed for e-book readers, smart, tablet computers and ultra portable consumer electronics. Corning LANXESS also produces short cut glass fibers made from fine glass melt. The manufacturer said that at present, the manufacturer hopes that portable devices can be designed to be lighter and thinner, and their upcoming new products can just meet the above requirements, and the new products can also expand the penetration range of touch technology

Corning will exhibit eaglexgslim, ultra-thin flexible glass and corninggorillaglass2 at the societyforinformationdisplay trade exhibition. In addition, they will use an 82 inch touch screen to show cornin. However, due to the manufacturer's cutting corners in the production process, ggorillaglass is widely used

it is reported that Corning's ultra-thin flexible glass is helpful for manufacturers to develop regular protection high-resolution flexible displays for consumer devices (including e-book readers). Compared with other technologies, this kind of display has low energy consumption, and has the potential to replace paper materials in application. Eaglexgslim is an ultra-thin glass substrate, which is mainly used in handheld and it technologies. Eaglexg is a very environmentally friendly product. It is the first LCD glass in the industry that does not add arsenic, antimony, barium or halide

corninggorillaglass still has very high market acceptance in the mobile device industry. It is still the first choice for equipment protection glass. At present, corninggorillaglass is used in 750 products of 33 major brands, and a total of 750million devices in the world are using corninggorillaglass

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