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Corning will not mass produce flexible glass before 2016

according to the news on March 1, Beijing time, Corning said that its latest flexible glass (willow glass) is expected to be mass produced in the second quarter of 2013 at CES 2013, but today, James Clappin, President of Corning, said that the plan will be postponed to 2016

Corning: in 2016, the surface damage of rotating friction is smaller than that of sliding friction. Many years ago, it did not push flexible glass products (the picture is from drive home)

James Clappin, President of Corning, said that it would not see terminal products using willow glass before 2016. Although Corning hopes that flexible glass will be put into commercial use in 2013, major manufacturers have not yet developed products that can use flexible glass

james Clappin also said that the user's use mode also means the current limitations of this kind of glass. However, Corning is making efforts to promote it to help large customers better understand the use of this kind of flexible glass, and its production cost is not high

according to the introduction of Corning incorporated, the thickness of the flexible glass is only 0.1mm, which can be bent at will and will not be damaged. The flexibility is very good. "The materials used for 3D printing are almost not wasted, but the glass is also covered with a layer of plastic, otherwise it will not be so easy to bend.

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