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Corrugated box gluing defect inspection system (II)

v. the system can identify the following gluing defects

(1) no glue: there is no glue on the paper surface of the box

(2) the time for extruding the glue strip is not appropriate: the glue either comes out too early or too late. One quarter of the paper to be coated with glue has no glue

(3) lack of glue strips: the equipment fails to squeeze enough glue strips onto the paper

(4) there are small pieces of paper or foreign matters on the glue strip: when the carton is folded, the small pieces of paper on the corrugated carton will fall on the glue strip, which will cause no glue at this position

(5) bad box: the bad box makes the glue strip incomplete and the adhesive force is not strong

(6) carton skew: due to the bending or skewing of the carton, the glue applied will not be in the correct position. (Note: this may be the folding problem of the carton)

(7) insufficient glue: the glue strip is thin, or intermittent, and the length is not enough

(8) too much glue: if too much glue is applied, it will spread to other places or outside the box under the action of pressure, which will cause the box itself to be stuck or adhered to other boxes

(9) improper glue dispensing time: the glue dispensing time is too early or too late, and one quarter of the paper has no glue. (especially only a quarter of the area has glue)

(10) the carton is cut too short: the edge of the carton is cut too short, causing the glue strip to be too close to the edge of the cardboard

(11) cardboard side movement: move the cardboard side of the carton in the machine, changing the predetermined gluing position and the positioning distance to the paper edge

VI. problems that the system can solve

the system can detect and remove the cartons with the following two problems, namely: (1) the cartons are not pasted firmly (2) the cartons are adhered to each other

(1) the cartons are not pasted firmly

the cartons that are not pasted firmly will not be able to bear the designed loading weight. In the user's packaging production line, the cartons that are not firmly pasted will not be vertical after being loaded into the equipment, or the products will leak out after being put into the box. For users, the poor pasting of cartons is a very serious problem that constitutes the proprietary technology of SEBS. It can interrupt or completely stop the automatic packaging production line

(2) the cartons are stuck together or the cartons cannot be opened.

the second major problem with gluing is that the cartons cannot be opened or are difficult to open vertically. When the glue is applied or flows out of the gluing area, it can cause the cartons to stick together. When the self pasted corrugated box is opened on the packaging line, it will take a lot of force to open in the next 15 years, which usually leads to the blockage of the customer's packaging production line. At the same time, several glued cartons will also block the customer's packaging production line. That is because the glue is applied or flows out of the gluing area, that is, to the top or bottom of the box. When the boxes are tied together, the exposed glue causes the boxes to stick together. When the ropes tied on the cartons are not removed, the cartons appear to be of good quality. These defective cartons are not found and shipped until the customers start using them

VII. The system gives wahuabei a competitive advantage in focusing on building a 100 billion ceramic aluminum peak target corrugated box manufacturer.

by finding and eliminating defective cartons before they reach customers, the gluing defect inspection system greatly reduces the return of goods due to quality problems and related costs. As a result, the glue defect inspection system can greatly retain users and increase customer satisfaction. In addition, the visual inspection and quality inspection means for gluing defects are often used as a tool for selling and promoting cartons, which enables carton manufacturers to remove cartons with quality problems by themselves using the most advanced quality management system in the market today. The zero defect delivery record will give you a strong competitive advantage in the eyes of users

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