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Corrugated boxes: from citrus export to flower express delivery

with the rapid development of China's economy, the market is booming, domestic and foreign trade is further growing rapidly, and the demand for export and domestic commodity packaging is increasing sharply, especially for corrugated boxes accounting for more than 60% of packaging products, highlighting the important position of corrugated boxes in the field of commodity circulation. Especially in the past decade, due to the continuous development of new products, in order to meet the different requirements of different contents, the corrugated box type has developed from several popular types in the past to nearly ten types, and from the common type to the large and ultra-fine type, which has led to the trend of multiple varieties, specifications and diversification of corrugated box products, and the scope of corrugated box application has been continuously expanded and extended to various fields, Completely change the corrugated box from a single transportation and packaging mode to a broader field of sales packaging or integration of transportation and sales

in the early 1980s, China's economic development just started. The packaging supporting domestic and foreign trade commodities is still in a relatively backward state, and many commodity packaging still adopts very old and backward packaging. Undoubtedly, the lagging packaging has caused great losses to domestic and foreign sales commodities, especially the lagging packaging of export commodities, which has seriously affected the export of commodities to earn foreign exchange, Therefore, it is imperative to improve the packaging

in the packaging improvement, the most prominent is the development of corrugated box packaging that "replaces wood with paper". At that time, the utilization rate of corrugated boxes in commodity packaging was very low. There were two reasons for this situation: on the one hand, the corrugated box production equipment was very backward and the production paper was poor; On the other hand, people do not know enough about the use of corrugated boxes for packaging goods, and there are many doubts, such as the firmness of corrugated boxes in the transportation process, the strength to withstand pressure, the safety of packaged goods and a series of other problems. Therefore, some old packaging that has been used for a long time is still used. However, these packages have seriously affected the sales of commodities, especially the export commodities are at a disadvantage in the market competition, and the situation is very serious. How to open this passive situation, old and new, is a big test for the vast number of packaging workers. Therefore, it was a focus of great concern at that time that shoujiu looked for a breakthrough from the corrugated box packaging. The packaging of Citrus has become a breakthrough point in this breakthrough

citrus packaging in China has used a variety of different materials for a long time, including domestic and export. Domestic packaging mainly adopts wicker, rattan, bamboo strips (mostly used for retail packaging), etc. the above materials are manually braided and tied to make covered round baskets with a height of about 50 cm and a diameter of about 60 cm, or rectangular covered baskets with a length of about 50 cm, a width of about 35 cm and a height of about 25 cm. These are for transportation packaging, after sales to stores, unpacking and retail; Exported oranges are packed in wooden cases, about 50cm long, 40cm wide and 40cm high. Before the 1980s, with the reform and opening up, a large number of exported oranges were still packed in these traditional heavy old wooden cases of 15 ~ 25 kg. In addition to increasing the transportation cost, loading, unloading, transportation and empty box storage brought a lot of inconvenience. In addition, the wooden case packaging of exported oranges must be made according to the requirements put forward by foreign investors, and the requirements for wood selection and production are very strict and demanding

Huangyan, Jiaojiang (formerly Haimen) and Linhai in Taizhou, Zhejiang, which are rich in citrus, are famous at home and abroad, especially the seedless tangerine in Huangyan. A large number of tangerines are exported from here every year, which is a major base for China's tangerine export to earn foreign exchange. Therefore, a large amount of wood is needed to make packing boxes every year. However, Zhejiang, which is short of trees, has a small amount of forest reserves. In order to pay attention to the selection of some difficult to burn materials and flame retardant materials, great efforts should be invested to organize the supply of wood every year. In addition to solving part of the wood for packaging in the province, a large number of wood for packaging should be transported from neighboring provinces. Citrus is a fruit with strong seasonality and susceptible to weather changes. Sometimes, if the wood cannot be organized and transported to the box making and shipping in time, a large number of picked citrus will accumulate, which is easy to mildew and deteriorate, affecting the quality of exported citrus and causing losses. Therefore, it is a very important work and task to pay attention to the packaging of exported citrus

in the early 1980s, with the rapid development of corrugated box production, corrugated boxes were more widely used in commodity packaging. In 1983, Zhejiang Haimen carton factory made a bold idea to improve the corrugated box to replace the traditional and old-fashioned wooden box citrus packaging, and carefully studied and tested the shockproof, compression resistance, puncture, rupture resistance, printing, oiling, etc. of the corrugated box. The corrugated box paper and other materials were also strictly screened and determined. Many difficulties were encountered in the test process. First of all, there is no precedent in China to use corrugated boxes for citrus packaging and other fruits, and there is no standard to refer to analysts. In order to do a good job in the citrus packaging test in corrugated boxes, we comprehensively observed the various changes of Citrus in the long-term storage in corrugated boxes, worked out a careful plan, and decided to carry out a large-scale bump test on Citrus stored in corrugated boxes, so as to comprehensively understand the reliability and safety of citrus packaged in corrugated boxes through simulation of "actual combat", It played a decisive role in the later large-scale promotion of the fixed position of the orange label on the corrugated box, which was incorrect, uneven, unstable, and inclined orange packaging, thus taking a very important step

the bump test of corrugated box is a process of destructive test of corrugated box under a specific transportation environment. Reliable scientific detection data are obtained through the test, and the physical performance indexes of corrugated box under long-term bumpy dynamic pressure, including compression resistance, burst resistance, edge pressure strength, climate, temperature, humidity, ventilation The impact of changes such as freshness preservation on the corrugated box and the fresh citrus in the box shall be judged and observed comprehensively, so as to obtain the complete scientific data and information of the first-hand corrugated box, so that the corrugated box packaging can be widely used in commodity packaging, and avoid the impact of poor packaging on the packaging and causing losses. Therefore, it is very important and necessary to organize this large-scale turbulence test. At that time, the overall testing methods for corrugated boxes were quite limited, and there was no corresponding national corrugated box (board) standard as a basis. However, the national corrugated box (CB) and corrugated board (CB) standards were only issued in 1986. This large-scale turbulence test is the first in China

in order to ensure the smooth progress of the corrugated box bump test, with the support of the foreign trade department, first determine the sea and land operation routes and vehicles for the corrugated box bump test, and then Haimen carton factory will produce a batch of standard double corrugated orange corrugated boxes with imported cardboard and corrugated base paper, and store thousands of kilograms of oranges picked in that year in dozens of corrugated boxes, It is transported by truck to Jiaojiang (formerly Haimen) port and loaded on cargo ships berthed at the port. Go north along the east coast to Shanghai port, unload these test boxes, transport them to the warehouse for storage for a few days, then transport them to the transport truck and transport them back to Jiaojiang by road. At that time, the road had not been greatly reconstructed, and the road condition was very poor. Through the bumps of the sea and the road, affected by the marine climate, humidity, temperature, moisture-proof, heavy pressure, burst resistance, ventilation and fresh-keeping, as well as repeated handling on the way, the citrus and corrugated boxes were carefully inspected after unpacking. The results were exciting and strengthened the confidence of the test. After such bumping tests for many times, the damage rate of corrugated boxes is very low, and no collapse is found, indicating that corrugated boxes have high compressive and bursting strength, and citrus mildew is rarely seen in the boxes. The ventilation hole on the corrugated box plays a role in keeping fresh and regulating ventilation, which proves that the corrugated box can completely replace the wood packaging used for a long time, which is a major improvement and breakthrough in packaging. In October, 1983, as one of the members of the packaging improvement team of the science and Technology Department of the Second Light Industry Department of Zhejiang Province, the author went to Qingtian to participate in the packaging improvement of Qingtian stone carvings. Passing by Jiaojiang, the author went to Haimen carton factory where the bumping test of corrugated boxes was being carried out. He listened to and visited the bumping test work and the site at that time, and was moved by their courage and perseverance. They paid a great deal of energy and did a lot of preparatory work, which was successfully completed

after passing the bumpy test of corrugated boxes, the foreign trade departments and foreign businessmen were very satisfied, affirmed the significance of the bumpy test of corrugated boxes, gradually popularized the orange packaging technology of corrugated boxes in the whole province, and then popularized and applied it in large areas throughout the country, driving the national packaging improvement. This major achievement not only saved a lot of wood resources for the country, but also provided a large number of high-quality corrugated boxes for the export of oranges and the packaging of many fruit products and agricultural products later, completely solved the problem that the packaging has affected the export of oranges for a long time, rapidly increased the export volume of oranges, increased the national income from foreign exchange, and was praised by the National Economic Commission at that time. The packaging products have won the provincial packaging and Decoration Award Title of excellent packaging product, title of industry excellent product, packaging science and technology award, etc

the success of the citrus packaging experiment in corrugated boxes has solved the losses caused to orange farmers by the old and backward packaging for a long time, increased the internal and external sales of citrus, and greatly facilitated consumers. Corrugated boxes are light and cheap, which is about 1/3 of the price of wooden boxes of the same size, greatly reducing packaging costs and costs, effectively protecting the environment, and reducing the consequences of deforestation and ecological damage

due to the use of corrugated box packaging, the level of carton packaging decoration and carton printing technology have also been greatly improved, comprehensively improving the sales grade of citrus. Another advantage of corrugated boxes is that they have sufficient supply of paper for production, and can be produced quickly and conveniently. They can flexibly produce corrugated boxes of different sizes for different citrus products, such as transportation packaging and portable sales packaging. They can provide supply of goods in time according to users' needs, and can be packaged and shipped in a short time, so that consumers at home and abroad can also eat fresh citrus. Orange farmers will no longer worry about packaging

the practice of Citrus packaging in corrugated boxes for more than 20 years has proved that corrugated boxes play a great role in packaging products and continue to promote the development of paper product packaging. However, people can no longer see the heavy and backward citrus packaging in wooden boxes, rattan and wicker baskets in the past. Instead, corrugated boxes with high stiffness and compression resistance are used

with the development of flexographic printing of cartons, the decoration printing of cartons has also been greatly improved. The citrus and other fruit packaging presented to consumers has been beautifully printed and colorful corrugated carton packaging, which has brought the fruit packaging to a new level. Nowadays, corrugated boxes are widely used not only in fruit packaging, but also in beverage and wine packaging for more than 20 years. Before the 1980s, soft drinks, beer, alcohol, etc. were also packed with wood. Nowadays, corrugated box packaging is also widely used. Therefore, corrugated box packaging is closer and closer to people's life, bringing convenience to people. Due to the continuous development of corrugated box products, commodities in various fields demand corrugated boxes

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