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August has quietly ended, and Wuhan decoration companies are struggling to compete for the "golden nine and silver ten" decoration peak season. Xiaobian hereby reminds decoration owners: at this time, we should not only pay attention to the preferential decoration activities of Wuhan decoration companies, but also polish our eyes and carefully select a suitable Wuhan Decoration company. Faced with numerous decoration companies and dazzling sample houses, owners often don't know how to choose the more they look. In fact, how to evaluate the quality of a decoration company depends mainly on its industry qualification, design and construction level. It's best to listen to the comments of netizens and owners on them. Next, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network has selected the following netizens from Wuhan decoration companies to make a "top ten ranking of Wuhan decoration companies" for the reference of owners

one of the top ten ranking of Wuhan decoration companies and Wuhan Aohua decoration

reasons for listing: Wuhan Aohua decoration ranks first in the ranking of Wuhan decoration companies. Aohua decoration has grade a design qualification and grade I construction qualification of the Ministry of construction. And has won the "highest National Architectural Engineering Decoration Award" and the "Yellow Crane Award for Wuhan architectural decoration engineering". As a "AAA integrity enterprise in the national building decoration industry" and "top 100 enterprises in China's building decoration industry", Aohua decoration has perfect quality control, service system, enterprise rules and regulations and a good cultural atmosphere. Since its establishment in 1994, the company has cultivated more than 300 designers for the construction and decoration industry, more than half of which have won the "national designer title". At present, there are 8 gold diamond construction teams, whose first-class construction quality and good service attitude are highly praised by Jiangcheng citizens

owner's evaluation:

netizen reputation value: 8.1

acceptance price: 500-700 yuan per square meter or more

top ten ranking of Wuhan decoration company, wuhan carnival decoration

netizen reputation value: 7.85

acceptance price: 500-700 yuan per square meter or more

top ten ranking of Wuhan decoration company, Wuhan living home decoration

reason for listing: Wuhan living home decoration company was founded in 2003, It is a modern enterprise specializing in the design and construction of interior decoration, and the supporting research and development, production and sales of overall home related products. Taking "China's leader in high-quality decoration" as the brand positioning, living home decoration focuses on "high-quality overall home furnishing" and "360 ° health and safety" as the lifeline of enterprise development, and strives to provide consumers with better quality home decoration products and services, which has been widely recognized by consumers, and has successively won the "national well-known brand enterprise in the housing decoration industry" The titles of "five-star enterprise of quality, service and integrity in the national housing decoration industry" and "leading enterprise of high-quality overall home decoration in China" have established a high influence and appeal in the industry

owner's evaluation:

netizen reputation value: 7.8

acceptance price: 500-700 yuan per square meter or more





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