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Hong'an boutique, a craftsman of fine materials, opened grandly! China's top ten plate brands

on November 18, 2016, on this fine autumn day, the fine wood craftsman Hong'an exclusive store ushered in a grand opening. This is another important achievement of the craftsman brand in continuously opening up territory and expanding the distribution context

the fine craftsman brand has won the honors of China's top ten plate brands, China's national brand in the building materials industry, and the top ten plate brands (Comprehensive top ten)

whether in terms of product quality or customer service system, fine craftsman has strong advantages. In addition, a series of environmental friendly and high-quality products, such as refined craftsman's ecological board, net aldehyde ecological board, special board for children's room, blockboard, plywood, decorative panel, gypsum board, white latex, hardware and so on, have expanded the choice space of home decoration board consumption of consumers in Hong'an County, greatly improved the indoor decoration quality of ordinary people, and are deeply trusted by customers

in order to give back the support and love of our customers for the fine wood craftsman brand, the fine wood craftsman Hong'an exclusive store was opened to benefit the whole city! During the opening period, there will be exquisite gifts for 18 likes. Customers can also reduce 30 yuan per plate when placing an order! Hurry up

the brand of fine craftsman is constantly developing and growing. The opening and establishment of the distribution network of the exclusive store in Hong'an county is a manifestation of the gradual penetration of the brand influence of fine craftsman, and also paves the way for the development of the brand of fine craftsman. I believe that in the future, fine craftsman can bring more new expectations to people

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