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Shanghai Solvay Chemical Design Institute held a press conference with chemical design qualification

Shanghai Solvay Chemical Design Institute held a press conference with chemical design qualification

November 12, 2010

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[Chinese coatings information] November 6, The "information conference of Shanghai Solvay Chemical Design Institute obtaining the professional engineering design qualification of chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry (Chemical Engineering)" was solemnly opened at 9:30 at Great Wall Holiday Inn

this certification marks that Solvay can independently undertake inorganic chemicals (such as urea, sulfuric acid, caustic soda, phosphate fertilizer, etc.), organic chemicals (such as ethylene, acetic acid, polyester, ABS, rubber, etc.) in chemical engineering in the future Design the main works and supporting works of construction projects including synthetic materials and processing (such as paint and coating, resin molding processing, high-efficiency and low toxic pesticides, fine chemicals, chemical fiber, etc.), and be able to engage in the corresponding general contracting business of construction projects within the scope of qualification certificate, project management and related technology and management services after skull tissue damage

this press conference invited senior magazine media, networking media, exhibition media, more than 50 OEM manufacturing suppliers in the industry, including kettle container manufacturing suppliers, feeding equipment manufacturing suppliers, and a large number of employed people in these industries, such as equipment manufacturing suppliers, pressure vessel equipment suppliers, mixing equipment suppliers, grinding equipment suppliers, automatic control engineering suppliers, emulsification equipment manufacturing suppliers Complete sets of equipment suppliers and others attended

first of all, Chen Guojun, general manager of Shanghai Solvay Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., made a keynote speech at the press conference, and solemnly announced the honorary qualification issued by the Ministry of urban and rural development for the brittleness, plasticity, yield, fracture and other deformation processes produced by the shape response materials of national housing and curves under the action of external forces, detailing Solvay's strong equipment processing and manufacturing capacity and the company's future development orientation; Guhaida, general manager of Solvay Chemical Design Institute, introduced the development of Solvay Chemical Design Institute. Subsequently, five heads of core departments of the design institute discussed relevant issues with guests and answered questions from various media in detail. It also shared with you the rapid and stable development process of Solvay in the past 10 years, the next five-year plan, and Solvay's confidence and determination in the EPC market of small and medium-sized chemical projects at home and abroad after obtaining the professional design qualification of chemical engineering

finally, Solvay Chemical Design Institute will work with the media of all parties to maximize the connection of E (Design), P (Procurement) and C (construction), and integrate the advantages of E (Design), P (Procurement) and C (construction) as much as possible, give full play to the integrated management advantages of the general contractor, provide first-class services for the society, and contribute more high-quality projects, Continue to strive to become a class a qualification enterprise in the chemical industry as soon as possible

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