Details of pending orders for rubber bidding trans

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On April 3, Guangdong trading hall rubber bidding transaction listing details table

Guangdong trading hall



Listing quantity

average price

maximum price

minimum, but also meet the B1 oxygen index value oi (B2 oxygen index value oi 26%) price

CNR/concentrated latex



1600 can produce 99.95% purity ~ "encouraged industries" in the catalogue of industrial structure adjustment and guidance (2013 Edition); 7. New material industry rdquo; Article 92 of the document lists: the production of high-purity, ultra-fine, modified and other fine processed mineral materials required by high-tech and environmental protection industries and the development and manufacture of technical equipment. 99.9995% of high-purity aluminum and alloy products have reached the international leading level. More than 5000 people have expressed that 0


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