The hottest Shanghai Rubber rebounded strongly to

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Shanghai Jiao rebounded strongly to make up for the gap in the early stage

I. market description

on July 3 (Tuesday), the main contract 1209 of Shanghai Jiao opened at 23285 and closed at 23880, up 585 yuan or 2.51% from the previous trading day, with 664000 transactions and 3000 positions to 131000

II. Fundamental analysis

international market

the manufacturing report released by the American Institute of Supply Management (ISM) in June showed that the ISM manufacturing index fell to 49.7%, lower than 53.5% in May this year, which was the first time that it fell below the 50% threshold since July 2009

According to the final PMI value of German manufacturing industry released by Markit in June, the index fell to 45.0 from 45.2 in May, the lowest since June 2009, slightly higher than the initial value of 44.7, a three-year low, indicating that Germany is suffering from the dual pressure of the European debt crisis and the slowdown of global economic growth

domestic market

in June this year, the new loans of the four major banks of industry, agriculture, China Construction and construction were about 188billion yuan, significantly lower than the 250billion yuan in May. This figure was significantly lower than the previous market expectations. Based on this calculation, the number of new loans to one company less than a year after its establishment in June may be only about 700billion yuan, which is also lower than the market expectations

in terms of spot goods, the quotation of Tianjiao in Shanghai rose slightly, and the quotation of merchants was mixed according to the requirements of some specifications. 3L glue goods were tight and the price was high. The actual order was negotiated and confirmed, and the quotation of Yunnan state-owned all latex was about 23900 yuan/ton; The quotation of Hainan state-run all latex is about 24000 yuan/ton; I heard that the tax quotation of 3L glue 13 in Vietnam is about 24000 yuan/ton

III. future research and judgment this standard replaces gb/t16491-1996 "electronic universal testing machine"

driven by the positive market, HuJiao has rebounded sharply, making up for the previous short jump gap. The rise in the short term is inevitable. It is suggested that investors should pay attention to the pressure of 25000 above, and short holders can temporarily avoid it

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