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Recently, Shanghai Shenrui Power Technology Co., Ltd. "Research on the development trend of electric vehicles, their impact on the power market and Countermeasures for power marketing" passed the project acceptance in Tianjin. This project is the key scientific research project of Tianjin electric power company in 2006

due to the shortage of energy and the sharp increase in the negative impact of traditional fuel vehicle emissions on the environment, environmental protection and energy-saving electric vehicles have attracted more and more attention. As soon as the project was approved, Shenrui company immediately established a research group headed by the main leaders of the company, and organized more than 30 doctors, masters, professors and senior engineers to carry out division of labor and cooperation. Through technical information inquiry, field investigation, conference demonstration, actual testing, computer system simulation and other means, Shenrui company conducted in-depth research on the current situation, development trend, economic and social benefits, power marketing countermeasures, etc. of electric vehicles. On this basis, the implementation proposals to promote the development of electric vehicles are put forward

after expert review, it is agreed that the project establishment of this topic is very suitable for the current development direction and actual needs of power marketing, and has strong practical significance; The basic data of the research report is detailed, comprehensive and accurate; The technical methods of the research report are advanced and reliable, and the economic evaluation methods such as multiple linear regression prediction model, analytic hierarchy process, Monte Carlo simulation method and sensitivity and break even analysis have high accuracy; The conclusion of the research report is correct and has a strong guiding role in project decision-making; The implementation plan proposed in the research report is feasible and has high operability

as a central enterprise with important social responsibilities, the State Grid Corporation of China has always paid great attention to and supported the development of electric vehicles. As early as the beginning of 2006, the main leaders of the state-owned company made several instructions, requiring the state-owned company to systematically pay attention to the development of the electric vehicle industry, support the application of electric vehicles, and organize a nationwide symposium to understand and promote the research, development and application of electric vehicles

on August 18, 2006, the economy published an important signed article by Liu Zhenya, general manager of the state-owned company, "accelerating the construction of a strong national power to promote the sustainable development of China's energy", which clearly pointed out that in the link of energy consumption, we should increase the proportion of electric energy in terminal energy consumption, increase the degree of substitution of electric energy for other energy, especially in the transportation industry, accelerate the development of transportation electrification, and vigorously develop electric vehicles, Reduce excessive dependence on relatively scarce oil resources. In the aspect of international energy cooperation, we should actively participate in the development and cooperation of world oil, natural gas, coal, electricity and other resources, effectively supplement China's energy supply, and maintain national energy security in an open pattern

2 if the experimental machine must be moved, on November 10, 2006, the science and Technology Department of the State Power Corporation reviewed the feasibility study report of the State Power Corporation's "Eleventh Five Year Plan" key scientific and technological project - "Research on the liquidation and evolution of oil demonstration system for electric energy powered vehicles"

on December 4, 2006, the State Grid Corporation of China issued the notice on accelerating the work related to promoting the development of pure electric vehicles, further clarifying the tasks and work progress of relevant participating units

from December 29 to 30, 2006, in order to further implement the requirements of the notice on accelerating the work related to promoting the development of pure electric vehicles issued by the State Grid Corporation of China and accelerate the development of electric vehicles, the marketing department and the Ministry of science and technology of the State Grid Corporation of China also held a symposium on the implementation plan of the company's system to promote the development of electric vehicles The implementation plan and implementation plan of Zhejiang and other seven pilot provincial (municipal) power companies to promote the work of electric vehicles and the research plan of related topics of China Electric Power Research Institute were discussed, and the focus, direction and objectives of the next pilot work were deployed. The meeting also invited well-known domestic electric vehicle experts to introduce the current situation of the development of electric vehicles at home and abroad and the successful experience of foreign power companies in supporting the development of electric vehicles, and organized the participants to visit the R & D and manufacturing units of electric vehicles. The convening of the meeting marks that the State Grid Corporation of China has entered a new stage in promoting the development of electric vehicles

as one of the co host cities of the 2008 Olympic Games, Tianjin electric power company attaches great importance to promoting the development and application of electric vehicles. In accordance with the spirit of the relevant instructions of the state power company, the research on this subject has been actively carried out and preliminary results have been achieved. It is reported that the specific measures of Tianjin electric power company to promote the development of electric vehicles have been implemented, and the first batch of pure electric vehicles will be put into trial operation by the end of December 2007

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