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Shanghai: small tablets live in luxury gift boxes. Health care products are accused of over packaging.

clearly bought oral liquid, but a women's leather bag was tied in the packaging box; A large gift box of anti-aging tablets with a size of 30cm square, and only two 15g small drugs when opened... It's winter tonic time again. How to use the tension machine laser rangefinder safely, and the sales of various health products are gradually rising. However, a survey released by the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission yesterday showed that 52.8% of consumers opposed the over packaging of health products currently sold on the market, saying that "it is too luxurious and unnecessary"

Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission organized college student volunteers to conduct on-site unannounced visits, and conducted a questionnaire survey and interview with 800 consumers. It was found that the consumption of graphene battery as an example was very rational in the choice of health products, and 67.3% of the people most valued the internal quality. 78.8% of consumers believed that excessive packaging caused a huge waste of national resources. The survey found that at present, in addition to paper packaging, there are also wood, plastic, metal materials and other health food sold on the market, "large framework, less content" is relatively common

69.3% of consumers believe that excessive packaging of health food will inevitably lead to an increase in commodity costs, which will have to be paid by consumers, increasing the economic burden of consumers. 1. Why is the 180 ° peel strength test of different materials with the same burning grade of tape 90 °/why. The "form is greater than content" packaging of some health food plays a role instead, blurring the attention to the quality of the product itself

last year, under the strong appeal of various departments, the "Interim Measures of Shanghai for moderate packaging of moon cakes" with industry self-discipline was formulated for the problem of excessive packaging of moon cakes, which has been implemented throughout the city. To this end, on the 23rd, more than 20 major health care product manufacturers in Shanghai also jointly issued a proposal for appropriate packaging

Wei Sitao, President of the health products Enterprise Federation, said that many health products production and marketing enterprises often mistakenly believe that only luxury packaging can reflect the higher commercial and cultural value of products, and there is also a bad trend of comparison and advocating packaging in the society. The association will call on enterprises to achieve appropriate packaging and reduce the economic burden of consumers. It is reported that the Interim Measures on appropriate packaging of health products are under discussion and are expected to be introduced soon

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