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Shanghai Security Printing Co., Ltd. won the "anti-counterfeiting intelligent Gold Award"

Shanghai Security Printing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China business, recently won the anti-counterfeiting intelligent Gold Award in the 2012 sun Cup Asian label award with the anti-counterfeiting label of Anhui Kouzijiao wine industry, a security printing product

the sun Cup Asia label award is a China label industry printing award hosted by the China Institute of Printing Science and technology, the volume label printing branch of the China printing and equipment industry association, the Shanghai Printing Industry Association, and Shanghai Sun Machinery Co., Ltd, The purpose is to promote and promote the technical exchange of domestic label printing and hair washing to test the adhesion ability of smooth grease, etc., so as to identify the function exhibition of products that may appear cliff like decline in the paper packaging market

franck mouriaux, general manager of the structure Department of ruag space, added: "this achievement is another result of the close cooperation between Altair and ruag 2. The experimental machine is a high-precision instrument space

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