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Shanghai Jiao will maintain a high oscillation in the short term.

on the 21st, the main contract ru0809 of Shanghai Jiao opened at 23900 yuan, 170 yuan higher than the settlement price of the previous trading day. After that, the market once rose to 24230 yuan, and then fell again, reaching 23445 yuan as low as 23445 yuan. In the morning, it finally closed at 23635 yuan, down 95 yuan, or 0.40%. The trading volume of the whole day was enlarged, with 352546 transactions; 84532 positions, slightly shrinking; Half day increase 2666 hands

according to the news on May 21 in Tokyo, the East China Industrial Products Exchange (TOCOM) rubber (23765,10.00,0.04%, bar) futures closed higher on Wednesday afternoon, and market sentiment was boosted by the rise in crude oil, precious metals and tight spot supply. Traders said that the market outlook remained firm, and the test 3 may be tested in the next few trading days, mainly in the following five aspects: the 24.5 yen level, the weather conditions in major rubber producing countries improved, but the supply is unlikely to return to normal levels in the next two weeks or so, and the inventories of major consumer countries such as China and India are lower than normal levels, which is expected to provide support. The benchmark RSS3 contract closed up 0.5 yen to 318.1 yen per kilogram in midday trading in October, after hitting an early intraday high of 320.9 yen per kilogram

Tianma futures said that the domestic Tianjiao market continued to maintain a narrow oscillation today, and the sharp reduction in short-term fundamental crude oil, yen and inventory will still provide support for the futures price. However, in recent days, domestic short positions have been significantly reduced. If short positions are closed, the rising market will come to an end, and downstream enterprises will speed up chain replenishment and extension, Moreover, the price difference between the September contract and the recent month contract can be automatically measured and controlled by the microcomputer through the rise, and the comparison with the composite glue can also be significantly reduced. It is expected that the market will remain high in the short term

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