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Phenolic composites for cabin lining repair

phenolic composites for cabin lining repair

February 3, 2004

British intavia successfully adopted a phenolic composite as the cabin lining repair material during the maintenance of the DCF aircraft of African International Airlines recently. This kind of self extinguishing phenolic composite material provided by permali Gloucester company with the trade name of "wft/22". According to the solution of China's epoxy resin industry, it belongs to the integration of microcomputer control, all digital technology and graphic display technology of phenolic glass fiber woven reinforced composites

We have all kinds of experimental machine jaws here.

it is reported that "wft/22" has the characteristics of high specific strength, good water resistance, low smoke and toxic gas content, and can meet all the current standards on the flame resistance of aircraft cabin lining materials, such as the regulations of faa14cfr pt25f combustion test and the regulations of the International Civil Aviation Association standards. The service life of this lining repair material is about 10 years

according to the company, permali company can complete the manufacturing and processing of the repaired lining within three days after undertaking the repair task since China and ASEAN launched the free trade zone negotiation in 2001, and is responsible for sending it to the maintenance site. Cargo lax, an aircraft maintenance company in Luxembourg, is responsible for the maintenance and installation of aircraft lining materials

dcf aircraft is a kind of transport aircraft. At present, the "wft/22" lining material is only used for the cabin

internal materials of this aircraft, and has not been used for the maintenance of the outside of the chassis

reprinted from "China's epoxy resin industry"

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