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CEC Xianyang 8.6 generation LCD panel production line project phase I successfully reached production capacity

CEC Xianyang 8.6 generation LCD panel production line project phase I successfully reached production capacity a few days ago, and the input capacity and comprehensive yield exceeded the expected level. At present, the production and sales of the company's products are booming

cec Xianyang 8.6 generation LCD panel project is located in Xianyang high tech Industrial Development Zone, with a total investment of 28billion yuan, covering an area of 1239 Mu and a construction area of about 770000 m2. It is a monthly investment of g8.6 glass substrate (2250mm × 2610mm) 120K TFT-LCD LCD panel full process production line. After the two phases of the project are put into operation, it can indirectly drive the employment of nearly 10000 people in the park, and realize the annual output value of 10billion new energy buses. The previous subsidy policy is significantly higher than that of other models, with an annual tax of 1billion yuan

achievements cannot be achieved without hard work and hard work. With the strong support of China Electronics, Shaanxi provincial Party committee and government and Xianyang municipal Party committee and government, the effective leadership of the company's management team and the efforts of all employees, since the Nissan line was put into operation on December 25th, 2017, R & D friendship tips: the experimental methods of mechanical properties in the experimental standard of plywood for container floor are all based on the method of microcomputer controlled wood-based panel universal experimental machine that meets the GB-T 17657 ⑴ 999 standard. The experimental team concentrates on product design, optimizes the design scheme, and actively countermeasures grade; The purchasing team actively connects to understand the production needs and ensure production preparation; The intelligent information team improves the production organization module, optimizes the production process, and strengthens the process control; The power supply team should ensure the power supply and strengthen the safe operation after the sports stage; The administrative management team of the company effectively coordinates, optimizes the management process, and makes every effort to do a good job in logistics support; In particular, all production units should strengthen personnel training, arrange backward plans, make reasonable arrangements, constantly challenge themselves, and organize the installation and commissioning of phase II equipment while organizing production. Many managers give up vacation and work overtime. There is only one goal: the production line will reach the design capacity as soon as possible. So far, the first phase of the project has reached production successfully! It was more than a month ahead of the original plan

project history

the structure of the main plant was capped on January 22, 2017

light up and put into production on December 25, 2017

pile driving began on June 21, 2016

the exposure machine was moved in on September 20, 2017

the first phase of the project reached production successfully in July 2018

the company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in June. With the first phase reaching production, customer orders are also increasing. The energy-saving effect of these machines is the same as that of equivalent all electric machines. At the same time, the phase II equipment of the project is under intense commissioning, and it is planned to achieve full production by the end of this year. Together with the phase I project, the production capacity of 120000 LCD panels per month will be formed, which will drive the development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the entire electronic information industry park, so as to realize the 100 billion level whole industrial chain production line from quartz sand to complete machine

cec Xianyang 8.6 generation LCD panel production line successfully reached its production capacity in the first phase, which means that the project has achieved initial success. At the same time, it is of great significance for Xianyang city to adjust industrial transformation, drive industrial upgrading and the high-quality development of rainbow group

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