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The transformation of corrugated box strategy (3)

the second transformation -- International Cooperation: gather the strengths of the crowd and become a tool of one family

in our impression, many multinational companies, especially high-tech companies, are always looking for partners, because we always see the news of their cooperation on TV, newspapers and other media - technology or marketing. Indeed, under the competition pattern of economic globalization, technical cooperation is the cooperation mode that many world-renowned large enterprises tend to adopt, and it is widely used in all walks of life in the world economy. Compared with the purchase or merger activities between enterprises, the way of technical cooperation shows great flexibility. Because it will not let enterprises launch mergers and acquisitions in order to obtain each other's core technology. After all, practice has proved that mergers and acquisitions often produce unexpected crises, and the results are not necessarily satisfactory. In contrast, technical cooperation is much more economical and practical. Both sides are equal and mutually beneficial, each has its own goals, and share the same goals, so there is no need to be at war. We can see from today's corrugated box Market in China that more and more companies have begun to accept this soft strategic cooperation mode. At the scene of this International Corrugated exhibition, several cooperation activities set off a great upsurge of technical cooperation

at 00 a.m. on March 30, IMG Group Oriental Carton Machinery Co., Ltd. and U.S. sun automation group also held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the exhibition site, officially announcing the success of the cooperation. The micro anvil repair system of U.S. sun Automation Group has been successfully applied to the newly developed printing product "Asia Pacific Star" of ~ g Group Eastern carton. Oriental carton has a long history of cooperation with American sun automation group. Tang Zhuolin, general manager of Oriental Machinery, and Ted hartka, President of American sun automation group, said at the ribbon cutting ceremony that both sides cherish this cooperation very much. A spokesman for Oriental carton said that the years of cooperation with American Taiyang automation group has improved Oriental's brand competitiveness and industry popularity. In the future, Dongfang will continue to work closely with sun automation group of the United States to jointly discuss the new standards and new processes of international carton packaging, and apply the most practical international new technology to China's corrugated box equipment

at 4:30 p.m. on March 31, Hubei Jingshan Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. and sun automation group (sun) jointly held a press conference to solemnly announce the success of the cooperation between the two sides. Jingshan light machinery uses the advanced technology of sun automation group to produce langston450sf single face machine. This machine is a very popular one-sided machine in the world at present. It is energy-saving and efficient, makes full use of computer technology, can automatically adjust the set parameters, and improves the quality and output. Sun Youyuan of Jingshan light machinery said at the release site that he is very happy to cooperate with Sun Corporation of the United States

both sides hope that this cooperation can apply international advanced technology to the production of corrugated box equipment in China, and bring more investment returns to the carton factory

Huayang also released the news on this basis, announcing that it has joined hands with flexo and will soon launch a satellite flexographic printing machine. At present, China's motor vehicle pollutant emissions have exceeded 45million tons. The hy-rmf series satellite printing machine jointly produced by Huayang company and Italy's well-known flexographic printing equipment manufacturer FL can not only give full play to the high-tech advantages of aerospace enterprises, but also absorb foreign advanced flexographic printing technology, The performance of the machine will be in a dependent position in China, and has a high cost performance ratio

outside the exhibition, such cooperation has also been heard from time to time in recent years, such as the cooperation between Nantai industry and Japan Asahi machinery, the cooperation between Taiwan Zongzhen and Shenzhen Kefa, etc. Taiwan Zongzhen and Shenzhen Kefa 2004 our core business, specialty chemicals, was in a leading position in the world. In, we signed a contract to form a peer-to-peer partner. Zongzhen provided Kefa with a full set of design drawings of fs-1226, the most stable water-based printing slotting die-cutting machine that has been sold to the European market for a long time, adjusted and improved for the mainland market, and appointed engineers to guide and supervise the factory, Jointly developed and manufactured the best model fs-1226 printing slotting die-cutting machine suitable for the mainland and launched it at this International Corrugated exhibition. In terms of marketing, Zongzhen also formed a marketing cooperation relationship with Kefa to jointly develop Chinese domestic and Asian markets

through cooperation, the introduction of advanced technologies or products from Taiwan and abroad into China has become a "shortcut" for corrugated box industry suppliers to integrate the advantages of both sides, rapidly improve their technical level, and open market access

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