Philippines prepares to phase out lead containing

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The Philippines is preparing to phase out lead containing industrial coatings in 2019

the Philippines is preparing 2 here not only to provide you with high-quality experimental equipment, but also to phase out lead containing industrial coatings in 019

january 14, 2019

the Philippines strives to protect all coatings from lead (a dangerous chemical), and the most important groups affirm their unity, In order to promote compliance with the national goal of phasing out lead containing industrial coatings by December 31, 2019, the Philippine Paint Manufacturers Association (PAPM) and the ecowaste alliance affirmed through a joint statement to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the pioneering Department of environment and natural resources (DENR) executive order issued on December 23, 2013

this policy, also known as the chemical control order for lead and lead compounds, guides the phasing out of lead containing coatings for industrial applications by December 31, 2019

"after completing the phasing out of lead containing architectural, household and decorative coatings on December 31, 2018, paint manufacturers are focusing on achieving the elimination goal of industrial coatings that still contain lead additives," chairman of the PAPM Technical Committee and manager of the technical service department of Pacific paint (Boysen) Philippines company 1 must pay attention to this link. Vergel is used after being torn apart in the shopping cart, Some customers have more than 10 bags of vegetables in their shopping carts. Dyoco said that Chinese paint

"our paint manufacturers are investing in electrical and mechanical control of swing, swing, feeding, positioning and impact, and looking for viable alternatives to lead based raw materials, so as to comply with the 2019 deadline for phasing out lead added coatings for automobiles, aircraft, ships, electrical appliances, metal plates and other industrial uses," he said

"the completion of the elimination goal of lead-containing industrial coatings in December 2019 will become a historic milestone in our common mission to eliminate lead-containing coatings, which are a preventable source of lead exposure for children in all paint categories," said Manny calonzo, consultant of ecowaste coalition

"as the Philippine paint industry transitions to comprehensive lead safety paint production by 2020, the world will be concerned. This is a meaningful achievement, and we are all proud of it, because it has great benefits to human health and economy," he added

as stated in the 2018 resource pack released by the World Health Organization, the United Nations Environment and the global alliance for the elimination of leaded paint (Alliance for the elimination of leaded paint): "lead is particularly dangerous to children's brain development, and may lead to decreased IQ (IQ) and attention, impaired learning ability, and increased risk of behavioral problems.

" these health effects have also brought huge economic losses to countries. "

as explained by the lead paint alliance, these include DENR, PAPM, Boysen, ecowaste coalition and ipen (a global NGO network that conducts activities for the future of non-toxic substances), Its partners: "weathering, peeling or fragmentation of old lead paint will release lead in and around homes, schools and other places, and enter dust and soil.

" lead contaminated dust can also be brought to the clothes of those working in the industry that produces this dust, including paint factories that continue to use lead.

"Lead contaminated soil and dust are easy to be ingested and absorbed, especially when children put their hands or objects into their mouths when playing on the floor or outdoors.

" if they chew toys coated with lead paint in their mouths, children will also ingest lead, "the alliance said

children and adults may be exposed to lead in paint debris and dust generated when removing old paint; Therefore, it is necessary to popularize and observe lead safety work practices, PAPM and ecowaste coalition pointed out

these groups jointly emphasize that the health risks of children, pregnant women and workers can be prevented through the manufacture and use of paint without lead additives and adherence to lead safe work practices

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