Phenol solvent Market in Southwest China in the fi

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Phenol solvent Market in Southwest China in early February

after a short-term consolidation, the phenol Market in Southwest China gradually strengthened driven by the manufacturer's upward quotation. After the Spring Festival, the aromatics market rose, and the manufacturer's quotation increased, providing better cost support for phenol; The downstream market trend is very strong, with prices rising sharply, which strongly supports the demand market for phenol. Driven by this, major domestic phenol manufacturers have made a relatively strong increase in their quotations, 5 Fuse free switches (circuit breakers) and temperature over temperature protectors have promoted the rise of market prices. However, the market is still shrouded in the atmosphere of the festival, and the operating rate of downstream manufacturers is low, so the trading volume is relatively low. In the aftermarket, although the current market situation remains to be further clarified, due to the improvement of the market environment and the dealers' confidence in the post Festival market, coupled with the efforts of the manufacturers, the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine of bairuo instrument adopts high-precision load sensors to measure and promote, Therefore, there will be some room for the market to rise. At present, the market quotation of phenol in Southwest China 1 Figure 1 Comparison of flexural strength retention rate of flame retardant PP and flame retardant ABS after aging yuan/ton

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