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Philadelphia, USA launched the green process bioplastics project

Philadelphia, USA news, the University City Science Center announced that its emerging green material research and development will launch a series of bio based plastic materials with unique green production processes to the market through the incubator of the scientific research center. This statement marks the launch of the green technology program of the scientific research center and the incubation of new green businesses in cooperation with green Philadelphia Village (GVP)

green material research and development technology will directly use plant protein to produce solid, bio based plastic products. Its unique water-based production workers can make graphics display in a good scale, which will eliminate the health risks of production workers and ease the burden of many regulations when the company deals with the petroleum based plastic industry. Recently, the gratifying thing about the research and development of green materials is that it won the Small Business Innovation Research Award (SBIR) from the National Science Foundation (NSF). In addition, it has also received some funding in the form of small innovation partnerships from Ben Franklin technology partners, technology commercialization group and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The funding will be used to characterize the properties of plant protein based plastics, such as mechanical strength and molecular structure, and to prove its feasibility in various application fields

the operation and business of green material research and development will be assisted by the scientific research center and green Philadelphia Village (a regional group enterprise and a non-profit enterprise registered in Pennsylvania for the Pennsylvania coarse powder market to enter the low threshold state). GVP, composed of business leaders and community activists, is committed to becoming a pioneer in overall urban planning and continuously developing sustainable urban streets

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