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Recently, Shaanxi Branch of Liancheng Group signed an order for the second phase reconstruction of Shaanxi Donglei second phase large-scale irrigation pumping station. The pump station is located in the tableland area of Weibei Dryland in the east of Guanzhong. The elevation of the irrigation area is meters. It governs 39 townships (towns) in Dali, Pucheng, Fuping and Linwei counties (districts), with a design irrigation area of 1.265 million mu. Recently, Liancheng new material industry will strive to break through a batch of advanced materials urgently needed in key utilization fields Shaanxi Branch of petrochemical materials and other basic materials group signed the second phase reconstruction order of Shaanxi Donglei phase II Yellow River pumping large irrigation pump station. The pump station is located in the tableland area of Weibei Dryland in the east of Guanzhong. The elevation of the irrigation area is meters. It governs 39 townships (towns) in Dali, Pucheng, Fuping and Linwei counties (districts), with a design irrigation area of 1.265 million mu. Among them, the expansion irrigation area is 855000 mu, and the water replenishment irrigation area is 410000 mu (including 210000 mu in Jiaokou pumping Wei irrigation area and 200000 mu in Luohuiqu Irrigation Area), with a design assurance rate of 75%. It is a multi-stage high lift large-scale electric lifting irrigation project built by Shaanxi Province using the water resources of the Yellow River. The pump station currently uses 8 1200lw-60 water pumps, the supporting motor model is tdl/2150, the power is 3550kw, 2 24sh-9 water pumps are installed, the total installed power is 30400kw, and the water supply and irrigation area is 805000 mu

the assembly site of Beigan secondary pump station project

other types of core materials can also be used for the pump. The eight vertical centrifugal pumps in the station were one of the largest vertical centrifugal pumps in China at that time. It was also the first time to adopt the direct connection structure model of motor and water pump, which was a trial product. These 8 large pumps have been running for many years, and there are many problems in current operation. The water source of the pump station is yellow river water, which is sandy, coarse, hard and angular. At the peak of irrigation, the water consumption is large and the duration is long. The inner cavity of the flow passage parts of the pump is seriously worn. The original material of the pump shell is cast steel, and the original casting process and wear resistance are poor. The surface finish of the pump shell is peeled off, with serious abrasion and corrosion, serious deformation of the side wall curve, and local penetration of a few pumps. According to the inspection of professional institutions, these 8 large pumps have different degrees of unit vibration problems, and the anchor bolts of individual pump bodies are broken due to vibration shear; The bearing is frequently damaged, the rubber guide bearing is hot, and the maintenance is frequent. Since the operation of the pump station project, the electromechanical equipment accidents of the pump station have increased, resulting in the decline of the efficiency of the pump station device, the unit energy consumption and operation cost exceeding the standard, the water lifting capacity of the pump station has decreased year by year, and the project benefits have declined year by year

▲ running on site

such a large single-stage centrifugal pump and transporting the Yellow River water containing a large amount of sand and gravel, there is no reference at home and abroad at present, so it is conceivable that the task is difficult. After the contract is signed, the technical department of Liancheng group will carry out the overall plan planning and decision-making, take the lead in holding a technical research meeting, investigate and summarize the problems existing on the user's site, and organize all technical backbones to put forward opinions and suggestions to the design plan, and revise them repeatedly to ensure that there are no omissions in the details. The design scheme first considers the reliability and stable operation of the product, and then focuses on the performance (flow, head, efficiency). The design is comprehensive, taking full account of the possible difficulties in the whole process of casting, processing, inspection, assembly and testing, and the technology tracks the trial production progress in real time

field operation

up to April this year, our company has delivered 6 sets of 1200sll-60, of which 3 are in field operation. The customer entrusted Shaanxi pump (electric) station to carry out on-site testing on the prototype. The test results show that the prototype performance of Liancheng group meets the site requirements, with small vibration, low bearing temperature rise, and pump efficiency as high as 92.23%; Fully open the valve, and the efficiency is 91.89%

the successful development of the 1200sll-60 large single-stage single suction vertical centrifugal pump of Liancheng group will further enhance the corporate image and brand influence of Liancheng and highlight its core competitiveness. In this development process, Liancheng performed perfectly, which strongly proved its technical and production strength. Liancheng group is absolutely capable and confident to undertake more large-scale pump development projects

♂♂ Key words: Liancheng group, R & D and manufacturing of 1200sll-60 pump for Shaanxi yellow pumping project, highlighting the core competitiveness of Liancheng ♂ Last: in the first half of the year, the municipal authorities said that the annual harvest was full, and the second half continued to make rapid progress ♂ Next: the fourth batch of green factories was announced, and 18 steel enterprises were selected! ♂ Relevant links

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