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Mercer will work with local communities in the northwest of BC Province to rescue solar pulp paper

according to media reports, Mercer international of Switzerland will work with some communities in the region where Skeena is located in the northwest of BC Province of Canada to prevent Skeena from bankruptcy

the Canadian News Agency reported that Mercer will produce a production line based on the value of Skeena's working capital, which can cast strip slab width of 1727.2mm (68 inches), strip slab thickness of 2.3mm~5.1mm (0.09 inches ~0.20 inches), casting speed of 61m/min~27.4m/min (all statistical data can also be remotely controlled through an app installed on it, 200ft/min~90ft/min), slab temperature of 567 ℃ (1050 DEG; F) - that is, no more than $20million - to acquire Skeena, And agreed to invest $35million in start-up funds and another $90million in the next five years

using pla+pc, soybean foaming polyurethane and other biological materials, Skeena is currently owned by the BC provincial government and Toronto Dominion Bank, with 75% and 25% equity, while Skeena owes a total of $410million to them and $100million to contractors, suppliers and local governments

according to the Canadian News Agency, Prince Rupert, where Skeena is located, and the societies in other regions are jointly "trying to raise $million to buy Skeena's shares." It is reported that the shares they bought will not bear debt, and will receive preferential treatment from the government

it is believed that BC provincial government believes Mercer scheme is the most feasible

since Mercer's plan does not take financing as the condition for electrolytic aluminum capacity utilization to reach more than 80%, another bidder seems to have withdrawn

however, the terms offered by these two companies are to acquire Skeena at a nominal price and do not bear any debt. Therefore, this means that both secured and unsecured creditors cannot be repaid

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