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Meng Xiaohui, key account manager of Bozhou Unicom, female, born in January 1983, is a member of the Communist Party of China. She joined Bozhou Unicom in February 2002. Since joining Bozhou Unicom, with her own efforts and the recognition of her leadership, she has started from the most basic work step by step, down-to-earth, and has successively engaged in 1001 customer service center operators, quality inspectors, business hall duty managers Account manager of key account center. In more than eight years of customer service work, Meng Xiaohui has been constantly exploring the two simple and complex words "service", inside and outside, unforgettable

before joining Bozhou Unicom, Meng Xiaohui often organized various social networking activities during the school Youth League Committee, participated in the English and Chinese speech competitions of the school and Anhui large and medium-sized colleges and universities for many times and won awards. In 1999, he was rated as "Excellent Communist Youth League member" by the working Committee directly under Fuyang municipal government, and was recommended to Fuyang people's broadcasting station and Bozhou people's broadcasting station as a variety show host; After joining Bozhou Unicom, Meng Xiaohui also participated in various social activities and won awards on behalf of the company for many times. As a publicity member of the second party branch of Bozhou Unicom, Meng Xiaohui actively responded to the call of the Party committee, played a pioneering and exemplary role in his work, actively carried out the internal affairs of the Party branch, organized poverty-stricken students, donated donations to disaster areas, participated in the answer of the party history questionnaire, and held regular democratic life seminars

market competition and job competition have brought pressure to the employees of Bozhou Unicom, and also provided opportunities for the female employees of Bozhou Unicom to develop to a higher cultural level. During his tenure, Meng Xiaohui actively responded to the call of the trade union of Bozhou UniCom company, improved his cultural quality, actively participated in various labor competitions, essay competitions, speech competitions and other activities organized by the company and won awards. In June 2008, she won the second prize in the speech competition of female party members of Bozhou municipal organs "stressing party spirit, valuing conduct and setting an example" held by Bozhou women's Federation; In July 2008, he won the third prize in the speech contest of "welcoming the Olympic Games and promoting harmony" held by Anhui Speech Association on behalf of the Publicity Department of Bozhou municipal Party committee; In 2009, he participated in the second prize of Bozhou wenjingyuan cup speech competition "I work hard with the motherland, I offer my youth for the excavation". In September, he participated in the "Jianghuai auto parts garden Cup" speech competition on behalf of Bozhou Municipal Youth League Committee. The above honors won extra points for Bozhou Unicom in the evaluation of nine professional lines of Anhui branch customer service department. Meng Xiaohui won the title of "excellent employee" in the annual evaluation of the company in 2004 and 2009 respectively, In March, 2009, she was rated as "Bozhou March 8th red flag bearer, Bozhou top ten female talents" by Bozhou women's Federation and the title of Excellent Communist Party member; In 2010, he won the second prize in the speech contest of "the 10th anniversary of the founding of Bozhou City at the prefecture level". In May 2011, he was invited by Bozhou civilization committee to participate in the moral model advanced deeds tour group; It ranks first in the development of mobile business of the customer service department in the whole year, actively participates in the backstage support work during the on-site answer of the 2008 and 2009 drug competition, actively organizes the development of the company's health club activities and has a certain social effect. In the work, it has always allowed itself to strictly demand itself according to the principle of "what is missing, what is supplemented", improve the theoretical level in learning, and accumulate practical experience in practice. With the spirit of innovation, change and learning, Meng Xiaohui advocated the company's development requirements of "building a learning organization" in the national "women's meritorious service" collective team. As a veteran employee and a party member of Bozhou Unicom, after working, he actively advocated the higher authorities to read more books, read good books and carry out reading activities. Meng Xiaohui has successively read sheep's clothing rolls, learned from the people's Liberation Army, the problems behind the problems and so on with his colleagues, And share feelings and exchanges with colleagues to improve the full-service level of Bozhou Unicom

youth burns in dedication, dreams achieve in passion. After eight years, Meng Xiaohui is enjoying sweet and sour pleasures in work. The nature of their work shaving and accumulating impurities determine how many times they wake up in their dreams and are still thinking about problems that users haven't solved, how many times when her daughter is asleep, Meng Xiaohui has to review the business knowledge required for front-line services, and how many times when others are reunited on holidays, Meng Xiaohui and her colleagues are often at their busiest time. They have to answer users' complaints, handle users' complaints, and solve users' needs. When they solve problems for users through their own efforts, and hear users say "thank you" gratefully, that kind of beautiful feeling is beyond others' understanding. I remember Zhang Peixiu, a retired old man in his late 80s who Meng Xiaohui served not long ago, He also made a special trip to write a praising poem for Meng Xiaohui: "Meng Laofu's son is a backup king. The morning light is bright and the earth is spring. The limit of ammonia released from Hui concrete admixture gb18588 ⑵ 001 is endless. The communication industry is lifelong. Information is for the convenience of the people. Many customers are really happy. Holding a telephone to communicate with each other." old man Zhang Peixiu made Meng Xiaohui more deeply realize that to serve users, a bowl of water should be filled with a bucket of water. Otherwise, how can she live up to the hundreds of users who believe in and support her all the time

"it's a long way to go. I have a dual effect of economy and environment, and I will seek it up and down". The achievements belong to the past, and there is still a long way to go in the future. It's the trees that require an arithmetic mean to fight the wind and rain, and the eagles that need to spread their wings to fly. With so much care and expectation, Meng Xiaohui will meet the trials and tests of life again and again with a more upward attitude, Devote more enthusiasm to future study and life

Meng Xiaohui said in an interview: "she will take advantage of this passionate and dynamic era to fulfill her duties, in line with the concept of" connecting everything freely ", serve the economic development of Bozhou, and jointly build a beautiful home. I firmly believe that our new generation of young women who are maturing will win more brilliant achievements in the booming development and the establishment of harmonious civilization under the inspiration of the spirit of harmony!"

"God rewards hard work"! We believe that mengxiaohui's tomorrow will be sunny. Zhongqing

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