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Meng Pang, marketing director of China Resources Coatings, talked about market research. Meng Pang, marketing director of China Resources Coatings, talked about market research. October 14, 2005. With China's accession to the WTO, the domestic market competition has become increasingly fierce. Every market decision of a growing domestic enterprise will directly affect the success or failure of a regional market, and then related to the rise and fall of enterprises. Correct decision-making is so important for enterprises, but in the decision-making process, some coating enterprises still use the decision-making of "the boss's flash of light, enterprise development", some enterprises are more democratic, open "if Zhugeliang meets in a vibrating environment", several senior executives meet, express their views based on their own understanding of the market, and then decide on the plan. These methods can only be limited by the personal experience of the decision-makers, and there are great market risks

then, how to make the most accurate decision? Recently, at the South China Furniture Industry Summit Forum, Meng Xuan, marketing director of China Resources paint group, elaborated on the scientific research methods that play an important role in helping enterprises make decisions and improve their execution

research approach sampling, rules, calculation

undoubtedly, the object of market research is the direct customers of products, and only the direct investigation of customer groups can draw an unmistakable conclusion. But so many customers have different preferences. Should we investigate them one by one? Meng Yu explained that modern probability gives us a good method. The larger the number of samples surveyed, the closer it is to the actual situation. However, the number of samples surveyed can have an accuracy of more than 90% in a certain range. For example, for 1000 customers, as long as 100 samples are surveyed, the result is the same as that of 1000 customers. As long as we master this range, we can get twice the result with half the effort. This is sample survey

the rules of investigation must be consistent. Inconsistent rules are like a ruler with inaccurate marks. No matter how you measure them, you can't get the correct results. Therefore, the survey rules of each customer sample should be unified without personality bias

a large number of original data obtained from the survey, like vegetables bought back, must be processed to become delicious dishes, and the original data must also be calculated to let us know, what problems does this survey explain and what enlightenment does it give us? Then we can apply the right medicine to the case and make a decision-making plan

market proves the importance of research

Meng Yu cited an example of China Resources Coatings entering the Beijing market. At the beginning of entering the Beijing market, some foreign coatings rely on a lot of advertising, and have a high user group in the Beijing market. How can China Resources paint win by surprise? Is it by large advertising investment or by other means? After market research, China Resources paint found that what customers most want is perfect after-sales service, so it made three return visit decisions for customers: first, when delivering goods, if there is any change, the specific models are: waw (1) 000d microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine (6 columns), waw (1) 000b microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine (4 columns), waw (6) 00B microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine Wait for the second one to ask about the effect of painting, such as yellowing resistance, 90 days after the completion of construction and the third one. The three follow-up visits have greatly improved customers' trust in China Resources paint. On average, four people are recommended to use China Resources paint, which is far better than the advertising investment

there is also an example of Shanghai furniture market research. What is the position of furniture brands when consumers in Shanghai buy furniture? Based on personal experience, most people will think it is an important factor, but the research found that style is the first choice factor in buying, and the influence of brand is still relatively weak at present. This is an important inspiration for manufacturers to enter the Shanghai market

multinational large enterprises such as P & G are using this method in decision-making. Compared with these powerful large enterprises, our immature national enterprises can't afford to lose in decision-making. "The application of market research method is an important sign of the market activity trend to avoid the influence of rust in the future and the bonding of samples; and the size of the loading block needs to be customized according to the size of the samples; the installation of dial indicators is used to measure the displacement changes of samples in the process of experiments, and it is an important sign of quantitative management." Meng Yu summarized at the meeting

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