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Yanggu Cable Group Meng Zhaoli won the 14th China skills award

recently, the results of the 14th selection and recognition of highly skilled talents were announced, and the decision of the Ministry of human resources and social security on Commending the 14th China skills award and national technical experts (human resources and social security Fa [2018] No. 71) was released, Meng Zhaoli of Shandong Pacific optical fiber and cable Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yanggu Cable Group, won the honorary title of national technical expert at the 14th China skills award, and awarded the national technical expert medal, certificate, medal and bonus

Meng Zhaoli, male, 44, is a member of the Communist Party of China and has a technical secondary school education. He has been awarded the 2017 Liaocheng chief technician by the Liaocheng Municipal People's government, the 2017 Shandong outstanding contribution technician by the Shandong Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the 2018 Qilu chief technician, and one of the 79 national maintenance experts specially employed by the China mechanical and electrical maintenance and Transformation Technology Association

For more than 20 years, Meng Zhaoli has rooted in Yanggu, adhered to the front-line work, and assiduously studied the innovative management technology of equipment. His team has successively produced and invented the full-automatic centralized oil supply device for optical cable production sheath, the rotating device of optical cable moving disc, the self-supporting skin cable jumping wire stripper, the optical cable outer diameter detection device, the high-energy optical fiber cutting knife and other core technology topics of the industry, and applied for 6 national new patents and accepted 2 invention patents, There are many technical papers in industry and national journals, which put forward more than 100 reasonable suggestions for small-scale transformation of enterprises, and 32 enterprise technical transformation projects. In recent years, the company has successively completed the equipment installation and commissioning of major projects of the group, such as the company's annual output of 7.5 million core kilometers of communication optical fiber project, VCSEL chip and AOC active optical cable project, and the annual output of 400 tons of optical fiber pre rod project; He has practiced a set of unique skills and become a truly expert skilled talent in the optical cable industry

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as soon as I saw lutingjun, the Secretary of the village Party branch, on Sunday morning, Fu Songtao ran up to the village with a little talk and laughter, took lutingjun and walked to the field to discuss the planting structure and development of the pasture base. Fu Songtao used to be heavy


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Luo comprehensive

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Huasheng. I think graphene material is expected to reduce the weight of the plastic part of the vehicle by 20%

today (23), a traffic accident occurred in Yongchuan, Chongqing, where two trucks collided, causing two people to be trapped.


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